My name is Vickie and I live in Knightdale, NC. I am just starting the process for the Rny Gastric bypass. I have had  done everything but meet with the nutritionsit  and the psychiartist. I am still nervous with the idea of having bypass surg. , but I know it will be the best thing for me and my family. I getting very excited about having it done. When I am in the different stores I find myself looking at smaller sizes and thinking yeah one day soon I am going to dress like that. Which before  considering the surg. I would have just wished, but now it is going to happen. So if  you have any suggestion that would help me since you have had it done pls. share them with me. My family is a wonderful support system who loves me. They are the main reason I wanted to have to bypass done.

I found out a few days ago I have sleep apena. That worries me some but the doctor did not put me on a machine. She just wants me to lose some weight and don't sleep on my back. I not sure if that will hurt me getting approved for bypass or not.

My friend Sherry is having her bypass in 1 week. I will be there to help her soooooooooo I pray everything goes well and I don't get to scared and change my mind about the bypass. I am a big chicken sometimes. Well Sherry had her RNY done today. So pls. say a prayer for her and any advice you can share that I can pass alone would be really big help.  

Last night I was talking to Sean about my bypass, and I bought up about if my bypass did not go well and I did not make it. I know your thinking why am I being so neg., but I just wanted to get things in order and  make my wishes known. He got upset with me for thinking about me not living forever, and he refused to talked to me anymore about it.

I know everything will go accord to God will and I believe his will is for me to go through surg. and come out fine and have a quick recovery.My daughter Ebone made me a pic and place on the refrigerator so I when I had 2nd thoughts I can look at it for encouragement. This is my fav. pic and motto made be a very  sweet and caring young lady.

This is the motto I'm 2 blessed 2 be stressed.

I had my appt. on Tuesday for the pulmonary consultation,and everything went fine. I still have 2 more appts. one with the nutritionist and one with the psychiart. I planned to have them done this month. I still have to go to my doctor and get weigh for the next 4 months . So I am in no rush to for the last couple of appts.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of losing so much weight. When I went to the doctor he asked my could I see it. I smiled and tried to pic. myself not being 300 pds. I have been heavy so long I can't even grasp the idea of  not being heavy. I look at my 2 daughters and I try to pic it, but it like a pic that not dev. completely. You can see it but you can not make it clearly. I know that sounds odd but because some of you have felt the same way I know you understand what I am talking about.Some where I last the vision because I didn't think this was going to happen. BUT IT IS !!!!!!! I have been BLESSED with a second chance. I pray to God that everything goes according to plan or better and this is my year for starting over and a chance of seeing myself in a whole different light.




V Virtuous
I Important
C Cute
K Keen
I Intense
E Exhausting

 Hello, everyone it has been awhile since I have been on the site. I have my results visit with my surg. on 5-29 then they will submit all my info to the insurance soooooo pls put my in your prayers so that God allow the insur. company to give me a super fast approval with the 1st letter so my surg. can be in early to mid june.

Things I want to do after my surg:

1. I want to be under 300 pds--done 7/3

2. walk and not get short winded--done

3. shop in reg. store and shops--few more pounds

4. *** Run and Play with my children--done

5. Not be known as the fat friend--

6. Buy sexy underwear done

7. Wear my daughters's clothes ( my 19 yr. old jeans)

8. my husband to be able to pick me up-- done

9. walk up stairs w/o pain in m knees--done

10. not have kids pick on my daugther b/c of my weight--done

11. to be under 200lbs

12.wear heels --done

13. feel sexy and pretty--done and done

14.feel like am 34 instead of years olders--done

15. Hang with my bf Tonja who is having the surg. also and for us to be the size we have dreamed about forever and be just delighted in our blessings from God......--waiting on Tonja who is getting ready to have surg.

Well I went to PCP and picked up all my info to submitted to my surgeon on Tuesday and I found out I have GERD and I gained a couple pounds since I seen my surgeon.....:(  soooooo...... I will have to work very very hard to get the weight off before my surg...I am so upset with myself because Dr. Enochs told me not to gain any weight and I go and gain a few pounds what was I thinking about... Well God Bless and take care and pray for me I will be submitted  to the insur. on Tuesday.

I had my results visit today and the also had me sign my paper work for the surg...... yeah baby....soooooooooooo now am waiting to be approved by the  insur. company... I found out today that the hospital will no longer be taking my insur.  to pay the surg. but because I started in Nov. they have to accpet me...... this is the only hospital that is in my area that perform the surg. 

Praise God he is sooo good to me even when I don't derserve it.. I love God so much and I feel blessed that he is moving blocks for me before I knew that they are there. Thank you Father for your love and your Grace and Mercey. 
I am still waiting to hear Dr. Enochs office about my approval. I called them today and no one called me back. SSSSSSSooooo I hope to hear from them tomorrow with some wonderful news I could really use it. Waiting is the hardest thing to do when you want something so bad. But am sure God did not bring me this far to  leave me.

I have been so blessed today I got great news twice today. 1st I found out I did not have cancer. Thank you God You are so wonderful to me. 2nd I had a message from Lisa Long telling me I got the big go ahead for surg. Thank you Jesus

Ok am soooooooo....... upset right now maybe am just not being very patient buuutttt I have waiting seven months and what is going fast. Well now that I have said all of that let me tell you what happen. I got my approval yesturday so am thinking today I would have a date but guess what Lisa said she was going to call me later with a date I thought she meant today but nope when I called her back she had left for the week. So it will be prayerful Monday. It has been such a long process that am ready to get it done and get started with the surg and the weight loss. I  will be reg. for class soon so I have to get it done.  Well you lesson to vent I guess I will go cook dinner for my family.

 6/21/07 -Well it has been a min. since I updated I got approved for my surg. within about 1 1/2 and my surg. date was 7/25 and then doc. Enochs's office called and resch. it for 6/27 Oh my God that was wonderful I was soo... excited I cried I had just told my b/f Tonja that the surg. still seemed a good bit away but this is crazy God is s000 wonderful  to me the plans was my mother was going to keep our son but she got sick tonight soo I don't know if she will be able to keep him so maybe I will have to stay at the hospital alone which is fine truth be told I will miss my husband there to comf0rt me but I am sure I can manger 

My normal supportive husband has been acting like a complete a** which is driving me nuts I don't understand I need him so much right now I have to work this weekend this is my lost weekend before surg. on Wed. and I would love to have him just hold me and be supportive with everything that is coming up and I am trying to not let him get me down I am trying to get my house and everything str8 and kids taken care of  and it is getting very stressful I have surg. wed and family is still calling asking for favors I want to yell people please I a few days to get things str8 for my own family I don't  have time to take care of you right now but I just handle it the best way I can and what get done get done and I will let someone else handle it I had to vent and this is the best way for right now b/c my husband is shutting down on me 

6/24  Well today was the day it hit home to me everything I about to go though I cried b/c I realized what a heave burden being overweight has been and how long I have been fighting this battle and God picked my to bless to take this burden away and I just felt overwhelmed with emotions I was watching my dvd my husband bought me for mother's day Kirk franklin was on Imagine Me and the song is about seeing yourself as God sees you and saying goodbye to your burdens and am getting ready to say goodbye to so many things b/c of my weight issues I felt so close to God and so blessed that he was moving mountains out of my way

7/1--- I had surg on 6/27 I still very sore  partly b/c my son kicked my in the stomach last night but I think I am going well I am moving and walking and sipping and pract. my breathing I am getting tried of drinking I look at food now and kinda turn my nose up and than either times I still getting a handle on the head but I am winning the battle... with prayer and God's grace and mercy.....

3/3-08  eight months out--It has been a while since I have been to the site,but everything is going great I am down to at last weight check was 220 which feels great I can't wait to get down in the 100 which I think will be soon I need to work out more I took a butt load of class which hurt my working out but I am going to have to get back on the ball bc this is life changing sug. so I have to do my part I have been making better eatitng choice some I never thought I would do but I am work in progress life has changed so much I would say you would never believe it but I know you would sooooooo I take care and every one keep up the good work take care.



3\28 Yes I lost 103 pounds in the last 9 mon. I am so happy and proud to be part of the 100 pds. lost club. My husband Sean is getting ready to start the process to have the by-pass surg. I am so happy and proud of him for making this huge step in his life. I can not wait to see what the months ahead have in store for him and us. The journey is not always easy but the it's soooooo sweet to losing the weight that causing you to not to enjoy your life as God has intended for it to be. So everyone pls. pray for my Husband that the road is smooth and fast with a wanted outcome....... Thank you

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