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When was the first time you left the house after surgery? I'm already getting stir crazy and I'm only 2 days post op! I feel fine but I don't wanna leave the house and end up not feeling fine. What did you guys do? And what helped you not feel stir cra

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I had my surgery yesterday and I'm home today. I feel like I'm in more pain at home in my own bed, it's just a lot of gas pain. I am getting a heating pad. I've also had trouble drinking because I noticed it doesn't help with the gas pain. Any advice?<

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I didn't get a call from my medical provider today so I'm assuming I'm medically cleared for my procedure tomorrow. I'm having gastric bypass done. I'm a little nervous but more so ready to start my journey. I'm not sure how I'm gonna sleep tonight to

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My WBC count a couple weeks ago was pretty high, around 16.2. The doctor had me get more blood work today before I could get cleared for surgery, it is still on the high end but it went down to 13.0 (the normal is up to 11, I believe). This could just

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I just got done with my medical clearance appointment and surgery is 5 days away. They want me to redo my blood work because my WBC count was high. I'm worried because it was also high at my last blood work way back in June. I guess I'm worried it's no

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Hi everybody. I'm new to this community and my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. I thought I'd use this post to share some of my fears I have. I'm not so much scared of surgery itself, but I'm scared of the life that comes after it.

First, let

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