The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

"I was very impressed with the patient care I recieved. I would recommend this hospital to anyone looking for services there. My primary care physican also has an office there and I am very happy with his services."

James Ku

"Dr Ku was very nice and very helpful. He seemed to be very softspoken and just a bit shy. I saw him on a local information/community channel last night and when I told him he seemed kind of like \"aw shucks\". He was very knowledgable and answered my questions straightforwardly. He did let me know that he does not do a lot of the folllow up office work leaving it to his team but that was fine with me. Everone I have talked to there has been very nice and knowledgeable and very helpful. I had my surgery with Dr. Ku on 4/23 he came in to see me every day I was in the hospital and I was soooo very happy with everything. I have had hardly any pain the whole time since surgery and I would recommend Dr. Ku to anyone thinking about Gastric Bypass."

James Van Den Bosch

"Dr VanDenBosch is wonderful!! He has been with me every step getting the office visits done. He is very precise and never once has made me feel uncomfortable or bad for being obese."
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