Mar 21, 2008

Well I just finished my first week back to work after surgery.  I am 16 days out and feeling pretty good.  Some days get kinda long and I get tired, and get low energy, and then out of the blue I have a burst of energy!

Emotionally it's up and down, but for the most part UP. :)  I have some good friends and am thankful for my friend Gman that I met on OH.  He's been a great support and is there online whenever I need a friend, or have a question.  He's been so helpful!!! Thanks G!

Oddly enough cooking for others has been so theraputic for me. I have been cooking more after my WLS than I did before.  :) It's fun to be creative, and I enjoy doing it for others. :)  I think it gives me the food interaction too, without any calories, fat or carbs! 

I wish everyone a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!!!


It just KEEPS getting BETTER!

Mar 17, 2008

Today marks my 12th day since surgery, and I feel FANTASTIC!!!

I went into the Dr this AM for my appt... weighed, chatted, vitals, and then checked out my incisions... everything went great!

We went over everything I've been eating and/or drinking... discussed next weeks "new meal choices" and talked vitamins. I can hardly wait for Wednesday to come... I have NEVER been so excited to eat an egg in my entire LIFE! lol. :)

The Dr and Coordinator said I'm the poster child for their program, that made me feel good. 

If I'm gonna put myself through this, I'm gonna do it RIGHT!

I also wanted to give a shout out to someone who was there for me before and as been there for me throughout... She's an amazing person inside and out.  Sue J... I couldn't have done this without your support and kindness.


I'm out for now.


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It just KEEPS getting BETTER!