Almost at my next goal...2 pounds away from a 200 lbs loss

May 22, 2009

I just can't believe it...2 more pounds and my weight loss totals 200 lbs lost so far. I hope I can get to 135 (that would be 63 more pounds) but I'd be happy at 150 (145?). I would like to lose as much as I can by labor day...maybe another 20 lbs or so.

I lost weight at a slower rate than most but I am happy where I am so far...just need to kick up the exercise a bit and it should strat falling off again (I hope).

Today's struggle of the day:
There are 2 halves of 2 sheet cakes in the office fridge that are calling my name. My goal is to make it out of this office without eating any...this should be a real challenge!

Recent Events:
I was working for a woman who decided not to pay me and didn't understand why I was upset. So I basically quit. $ wise, not a great idea but I am so much more focused and at peace that I think it's the best thing I ever did!

My work actually gave me another part time job as a Psychic Coordinator. I get to test all the new psychics that apply to our company! I'm so happy because now I should make WAY more money and be a little more stable financially!

My Grandson will be born around the beginning of September and his name will be either Caden, Cayden,Kaden or Kayden Riley...I'm already buying him STUFF! HE's gonna be a spoiled, little PUNK!

That's it for now! Next time I post I will hopefully be at my 200 lbs loss goal!


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