Food is My Boyfriend

Jun 14, 2009

Food is my controling, manipulative, compulsive, overbearing boyfriend and we must break up...but how? HOW!!!

I know everytime I eat I am trying to fill the void in my life. No matter how happy I am with myself, I miss having someone to wake up next to...cuddle with and just tell me that everything is going to be alright. I miss kissing someone randomly. It sucks and it's sad and I still eat bad things (and sometimes make myself sick doing it). I know it will take time to learn my lesson and I know I will get comments telling me I'm a good person and don't need a man or  I need to love myself- or worse- you didn't deserve having the surgery if you're going to do that to yourself...

So again- I keep trying to fight the food demons and attempt to do anything other then eat my problems away. It's hard...really hard. I already know what my problem is but able to follow practice the solution is nearly impossible sometimes.

Blogging helps and I will try to do it more often just so I can get this off my chest and deal with my feelings. I'm really not THAT crazy...just trying to find my place in this world and someone good enough for me to stand by my side.

On a good note: I never reported that I'm under 200 lbs for the 1st time in 18 years! Good for me!


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