John Yadegar

"I first met Dr. Yadegar at the Kaiser Orientation in Panorama City. I found him to be very knowledgable and his presentation as good as the UCLA presentation I saw 2 weeks before. I decided that I would like to have him do my WLS if he could get me in sooner than UCLA.rnrnHis creditials and success rate are outstanding. He has a charming bedside manner but is very matter of fact when it comes to the possible risks. You will understand EVERYTHING before you go under the knife and if you don't- you obviously weren't paying attention.rnrnHis office staff is accessable, kind and extremely friendly. When it comes to the ins and outs of the insurance game- let me bluntly say that they know their shit.rnrnHis program- BEFORE AND AFTERCARE is Headed by Liz Roark and is by far one of the best and most detailed follow up programs available. They REALLY want you to succeed and provide all the tools to do so!rnrnOverall, I would rate the Surgeon and his office a 10 out of 10. I feel confident that I will succeed and that I the best support with the Doctor and his team behind me."

Lancaster Community Hospital

"The NURSES were amazingly attentive and very, very concerned about how much pain you're in. The NURSES truly made the whole experience liveable. THEY WERE EXCELLENT and that's the only thing that truly counts! I wouldn't have hand picked this hospital but since I had no choice- I dealt with it. "
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