I have always been a big girl. I stayed around 220 maybe 230. It was in the 2005 I was hit by a drunk driver. Well I thought I was okay till one day the pain in my back was so bad that I couldnt stand up. I went through years of physical therypy and seeing specialist. They finally told me I had a bulged disk in my lower lumbar. I then realized that I couldn't walk from the pain. I stayed in bed and in tears for 3 to 6 months. Even with the physical therapy I could stand or walk more then a block. I went from 250 to 430. Over the corse of 3 yrs. I am now diabetic, high blood preasure, cholesterhol, sleep apnea, perrifial nerapathy. I think I spelled that right....lol
Along with the basics acid reflux and alergies nothing new with those. Any way I was sitting in my house one day and seen that it was a beautiful day out. I couldnt even walk around the block. I wanted to more then anything else. 
The next doctors appointment I asked my doctor what she thought of bariatric surgery. She thought it would be a really good thing for me. Thats when I started my search and research on different programs and doctors. Really to be honest it all came down to who my insurance would pay to do the procedure. 
Now I am with St. Agnes Hospital with Dr. Averbach. I have done my six month diet and lost 30 pounds. I have gotten to the point where my family can stop in McDonalds and eat, but I dont. I have worked hard, I can walk almost 7 blocks now. I can stand longer and do more.

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