Welcome all to the new year and the new us.

Jan 12, 2009

I have been gone for such a long time. I am sorry for that but for the good new I am now down 109 pounds as of december 1st. I will have a new reading in a couple of weeks. My weight loss has slowed down alot and had discuraged me. I think I might have even gained a pound or two. I am not sure. I will know soon. I just thought I would be at a lower weight then what I am at. I go to the gym and eat meat for protien. I dont know what else to do. It makes me feel like I failed. I know someone from my oh family will be able to say they have been through the same thing and be able to help me.
For some good news I am now a freshman in college. I start febuary 2nd. I am majoring in Mortuary science. I know creepy but just think I will never be out of work....,...
Thank you to my oh family for being there for me....
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Happy Holloween everyone stay away from the candy!!!!

Oct 31, 2008


I know you all have missed me....(lol)

Oct 11, 2008

Hey to all. I went for my two month check up and I am down a total of 54 post op and 24 pre op. That makes 78 all together. I have noticed that my sweats and stuff dont fit like they should I am having to tie the string now...Woooo whoooo. I am also fitting 4 and 5 x tee instead of 7 or 8x. I am missing my junk food I dump off of my sweets so that is out my life I have leaned how to make home made sugar free cakes. Cinnomon cakes and vanilla cakes. I also learned how to make a home made Jerman chocolate with no sugar in the cake or the iceing.....If anyone wants the recipe just email me I will hit you off. Now it is carbs so be carefull not to eat to much. I made a cake a week ago and I still have over a half of cake left. I also have a great little dish with baked or boiled chicken with a wine and mushroom tomato sauce that is to die for.


Sep 09, 2008

Hey all. I went to the doctors today and of corse got on the scale. I dropped another 12 pounds in thirteen days. I tell you it is amazing. Dr. Averbach wants me to drop 150 by January. As long as I keep doing what I am doing with a little less bread and ice cream I think I might acutally make it. I will see Dr. Averbach on the 3rd of oct. I see my other doctors inbetween then. I have my regular doc on friday and then my therapist on tuesdays. I tell you what with out the support of my friends, family and my therapist I dont think I would have been able to do this. I will let you know if I drop another pound by friday... I think I will go for a walk now.

Checkin in

Sep 08, 2008

Hey everybody,
I just wanted to check in on all to make sure they were doing well. I am doing okay myself. I havent been on the scale in a while so no updates on that. I am having  a prolem with vomiting everyday. I throw up simple stuff like soup. Water makes me gag. I dont know.
Please to all my OH friends get back to me and let me know how your doing......
Good luck and God Bless all.


Aug 27, 2008

I cant believe it. I went to the doctors and lost another 9 pounds. I thought I was eating to much. I have been excirsizing on my bike atleat 5 times a week 25 min a pop. I must have pulled every muscle in my leg the first week or so. I am doing better now. I feel more of a pep in my step. Here is a question for those who have had the surgery. I am 25 pounds down and that doesnt include the lose of 24 before surgery and I still cant see the weight loss. Now everyone else says they see it. Why cant I? Will I always see a morbedly obesse girl in the mirrow or will it change?
I need help, if your out there and can help me please do....
Untill later God bless and keep up the good work..

Hey guys

Aug 15, 2008

I went in for my post op appointment on the 12th. I have lost 14 pounds already. I was amazed on how fast the weight is comming off. Now for the soreness I still have a little more then I thought I would be by now, but hey everything else checks out okay so a little longer with the ouches wont be no big thing. I am ridding my excirsize bike 20 minutes at a time now. I can really feel it working me. I dont have it on easy I have it set so I can go up and down hills. He gave me the go ahead to go swimming so this weekend my nieces and I are hitting the pool. Cant wait. Really the first thing I have done all summer.

Now for some really good protien diets please email me I have some wonderful stuff I have been eating that is easy on my stomach and great in my mouth. I would love to share and trade some reciepes...

Okay Im not dead...:0)

Aug 01, 2008

You know I was not as scared as I thought I would be going into surgery. I was actually having fun with all the different people comming in and out of my room. I was laughing a joking around. Dr. Averbach did give me a litte scare for a second when he had a senior moment in the pre-op room. I just told not to do that in the or. We all laughed. He did a wonderful job. I am in alot of pain, maybe more then most seem to say because I still cant stand up straight. I had a small scare today because the outter thigh went numb and I started to get pains in it. Of course Dr. Averbach sent me to the hospital for testing. All went well. Something about muscle tension and my siatic. Simple tylenol and a heating pad will make it all better.
I just wanted to say thank you to all of my OH friends for there love a support. I dont think I would of had as much courage as I did if it wasnt for you all and God of corse.
I will keep you posted.


Jul 27, 2008

Well I wont be sleeping tonight. I cant believe tomorrow is the day. Where did the time go. I mean dont get me wrong I am excited as all get out to start living my life again. I am just scared of everything that comes with surgery. I know everyone that has been through it already and the ones who are comming up on there dates know what I am talking about. I just want to thank everyone for there support and I will get back to you guy as soon as I can with a wonderful update.

Two Days left.

Jul 25, 2008

Well to tell the truth with just two days left I am feeling nervous but very excited to be able to eat again. Anyone who has done the liquid diet knows what I am saying. I did cheat a little. I stuck my finger in the peanut butter jar twice. OOPS I also took a taste of mayo. I know of all the dumb things right. You see I wasnt missing big things it was the little like pb and mayo. I would have paid for a slice of buttered toast. My mom eats toast everyday and she has been killing me. It is funny though I cooked her dinner. Fried chicken/brocoli/and fried taters with onions. I didnt want it at all. I just wanted a piece of bread. Thats all. I guess everyone has those little things they just wish they could have. Other then that I have been doing good. I probably wont be back on here till I come home from the hospital and maybe even a few days after that. I want everyone to know I have you in my prayers.

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Happy Holloween everyone stay away from the candy!!!!
I know you all have missed me....(lol)
Checkin in
Hey guys
Okay Im not dead...:0)
Two Days left.