May 05, 2008

I finally made it, 199 this morning and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I needed a confidence boost and this really helped.

Every week I've been setting little goals, most I've been able to meet.  My goals have been things like next week I will increase the resistance on the ellipitical and add one more day, or try to loose 5 pounds by next month, things like that.

I got a compliment the other day from a stranger, who didn't know it was a compliment.  He was speaking about people in general and said to me that what he was saying didn't apply to me because I looked so healthy.  I was shocked, me healthy?  No one in my life has ever said that before.  It was better than saying I looked nice or thinner, because healthy has been my objective all along.

I'm still without a fill and none in sight, hoping that I can continue to plug along the way I have been.  Maybe I won't need a fill for weight loss, maybe only for maintenance or the last few stubborn pounds.  We'll see.

Early 6 Month Check up (really only 5 months)

Mar 12, 2008

Today I met with my surgeon.  I like him but he really gives me the bums rush out the door, spends less than 5 minutes.  Kind of pisses me off since it takes me 45 to an hour in each direction, 1/4 tank of gas and two hours off work.  Plus he always makes me wait about 1/2 hour past my apt. time.

Anyway, I've lost 69 pounds to date without a fill.  The doctor said that he now doesn't want to see me until my year anniversary.  He's sending me in for labs but that's it.  I asked him what do we do if I reach goal without a fill; do I get one for maintenance or???? He said no, do nothing.

Sooooo, I guess all is well.  Glad I've not had a fill, but it is a bit confusing.  I also don't feel like a real "Bandster".  I try my best to help others on the board, but I can't answer newerbiees than me questions about fills or PB's, that type of things.  I stick to general encouragement... not that much help though.

Now, my goal is to figure out how to get pictures in my photo section.  I'm not real technologically savy, I'll get it, have to move into the 21st century sometime.

Stupid Stuff on OH

Feb 04, 2008

Over the last week there's been a fued between the DS'ers and the Banders... stupid crap!  I can't believe that even on a forum such as this there is a school ground fight going on.  The reasons why seem so contrite, the battle is back and forth on who said what, it has monopolized the board.  

I posted a "can't we get along" message - no response (cricket, cricket), then later I posted an attempt at humor - no response.  Other people did too.  What I guess it boils down to is that it doesn't matter how old we get there are still bullies, there are still passives, some people are just plan mean and spiteful for no reason, just because they can be. 

I'm guilty of watching it (reading the threads), like a carwreck, can't help but look.  This is the only website that I really use in my life and I'm disappointed that it's not quite what I expected it to be.  Me being naive.

Oh well, blowing off steam...

On a positive note, I've lost 55 pounds and BMI has dropped into the "obese" catagory!  Yeppie.  How weird to say that only obese is a good thing, but it is...  I press on.

January... good, bad, ugly

Jan 24, 2008

Well, let's see... I set a couple of goals for January, might achieve one, not bad.  I want to drop to only "obese" on the BMI calculator, so two more pounds.  I also wanted to be in the next set of numbers by Feb. 1, not going to happen.

I've hit a plateau this month and have been fighting the same damn two pounds for a couple of weeks.  Not happy!  

On the good side, I went to the surgeon's office yesterday and they made it official that I've lost 50 pounds since my first visit with him back in August of 2007. I've also lost about 12 pounds since my visit with him on Dec. 5th, 2007.  

So all in all things are progressing.  I need to kick up the exercise and watch my portions.  Oh, I still didn't get a fill, the dr said I'm loosing enough without it.  That is fine with me, I really want this to be as uneventful of a process as possible, and the slower and steadier I go the better I feel about it.  I would be happy to go as long as possible without a fill.

Man, I'm boring - I don't even like reading my own blog...

Little Goal Achieved... Yeppie!

Jan 03, 2008

2008 is here, already...  This year will be a pivitol time in my life.  On the positive side I set a "mini" goal to be in the 230's by New Years Day and I did it, 238!!!  Next goal is to have lost 50 pounds by February.  February is mine and the DH "Month of Love" because it is his birthday, Valentines Day and our Wedding Anniversary all rolled into 28, this year 29 days.

My husband has been very ill for many years, the last two being the worse.  He lost his eyesight, totally blind, and now is under Hospice Care.  Although, I believe he will again outlive all the doctor's predictions, he's done it several times before.  We've learned to live for the present.

So 2008 will bring many changes to our family and me.  Having WLS when I did was very planned.  It had to be done while my husband was as stable as possible and I couldn't afford to be ill or layed up for any length of time because I am the sole provider and his primary caretaker.  The lapband was a good choice for me because of this.  It wasn't the only reason I chose the band, but it was an important issue.

I've yet to have a fill in almost three months.  I'm thrilled to be banded and doing the best that I can.  I hope to go without a fill for as long as possible.  Who knows, I might be able to loose most of the weight and only fill when I get to a plateau or need to maintain the weight loss.

Here's to 2008, I hope and pray it is easier that 2007 or 2006 or 2005 or 2004, or 2003, or 2002... oh who am I kidding, I hope is just not as bad!

No First Fill - All that worry for nothing!

Dec 05, 2007

Today was the day I had been worrying about, dreading, anticipating, everything was riding on today.  Then nothin...

I am happy about it because the doctor said that I am loosing more weight than the average person at this point and doesn't want to rock the boat.  I lost 11lbs in the last month for a total loss since surgery of 27lbs.  Now I don't see him again for a month.

He said that sometimes people have enough restriction just from the band alone and I may fall into that catagory, (yeah, right).  I'm sure by next month I'll be nawing my own arm off cause I'll be so hungry.  But, for now, until that happens I'm thrilled that things are staying the same.

One of the main reasons I chose the lap band is that I wanted to still have a life, take this slow.

Oh and my lap band is an AP 10cm band.

First Blog

Nov 05, 2007

Wow, my first Blog... not sure what that even means or stands for but here goes.

Like usual I didn't start this soon enough as I noticed others on OH did.  So I'm playing catch up.

I'm three weeks out from surgery and go this Friday for another post-op appt and looking forward to it.  I think if my scale is correct I am down 25lbs since the initiation seminar on 8/9/07 and of that 18lbs has been since surgery on 10/8/07.

At this point I'm in no hurry for a fill, as I have lost weight with minimal discomfort or hunger.  Sure that will change though and then I'll be begging for it!

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