Feb 05, 2009

Well, it has been a few months since I last posted.  Since then, I have fully recovered nicely from my BL w/ augmentation and Brachioplasty.  Summer was good and it was nice to go thru summer with out the saggy boobs and arms.  I am not a happy with the way my breasts look right now, I think they could have been lifted better, they do look natural, but, I guess we are never fully satisfied.  On January 26th, I had my exteded tummy tuck.  I again developed a horrible rash from everything they put on me.  The tape, gauze, elastic band that holds the drain bulbs, hoses from the drains.  Literally everything they put on me I am allergic to.  So, after just one week instead of taking out all the staples and re taping me, they took all the take off and only every other staple so the incision stays closed and the rash will heal up.  I also was placed on Steroids to get me over the allergic reaction I am having from all of it, can't wait to be done with those, they make me very dizzy and I feel aweful with a speeding heart and nausea, but it is much better than wanting to scratch my brains out.  I still have my 2 drains in and am scared to death tohave them removed, but at the same time can't wait to get them out.  They are on the back side of each hip and I am always sitting on them or laying on them when I go to bed at night.  Now that I don't have gauze and tape around the incertion site, they are really tender also.  All in all though I am so happy with the way my tummy turned out.  Even with it still swollen and I still have stretch marks on the lower half, it is so nice and flat and there is no wrinkly nasty looking skin. 

I think I want to research having my thighs done, but I won't do that until next year if at all.  I just don't know if I am supposed to be going through anymore surgeries and this last one really took it out of me more so than the ones in the past.  Maybe my body and God is tellingme that enough is enough.  I do hate the way my thighs look, but I could live with that since I don't wear short shorts and even in the summer I have always worn shorts with my swim suits.  So, I will give it one year and then check into it.

I do want to thank God and I give Him all the credit for everything he has provided for me through this journey.  He is the reason I have gone through so smoothly from providing the money to pay for everything in cash and also the recovery.  The next person to thank would be my husband.  He is my rock, he tries to be so patient with me and he just loves me regardless of what I look like and is always there to support me, never telling me what he thinks I should do, he just says what do you want, then when I tell him, he just says go for it, sounds great.  I love him so much and thank God everyday for putting him in my life.


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