August 14, 2008 - Thursday

Aug 14, 2008

Wow, it has been a VERY LONG time since I last logged in. I have a lot to give updates on! Where do I begin. Well first let me just say since my last blog I've celebrated my first SURGIVERSARY! I can't believe how fast time flies. Wow!

So since my last blog I have moved to Austin, TX all the way from little ol' Sacramento where I was born and raised. I know, crazy isn't it. But i know I would have never done it as my old self. It's amazing how drastically things have changed in my life since my surgery and I'm LOVING every minute of it - the good and the bad. It has given me a great sense of freedom from the old body I felt trapped in and that I felt held me back from so many things - but that is NO MORE!  In lieu of all the weight that I have lost so far I have gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self-esteem, it is truly amazing how my life has transformed. Since moving to Austin I have started dating, it has been years since I last dated. It's an entirely different experience now. I still catch myself thinking wow, he's really seeking me! lol It feels good to feel attractive again and sexy! It's definitely a booster! lol I have been in Texas now for a little over 4 months. Still on the job hunt, but I know something will come up soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Let's see, the last time I weighed myself which was mid June I weighed in at 203lbs from a whopping 340! It still amazes me! Austin is a very active city and I try to hit the trail at least 5-6 times a week. Here's where the bad comes in. Towards the end of June I had a 911 situation, and it scared the daylights out of me. At this time I had been out on the trails about 6 times a week faithfully for an hour to an hour and half. The week before my 911, I now look back and realized that I hadn't been getting in all my fluids. Especially bad because not only do we have to make sure we are on top of our fluids but I'm in TEXAS! It get's ridiculously hot and humid here! So even more reason to stay on top of my water consumption! So long story short I was out on the trail, started experiencing it difficult to breath, everything became fuzzy, lightheaded, walking off balance, the sun seemed 10x's brighter than it was. Not a good feeling! It really scared the s*&&! out of me! Called 911, EMT's came out to my rescue. Evaluated me, everything was fine as far as my stats while I was on the gurney (sp?) until he had me stand up to take my BP....that's when they figured out what I was experiencing. My heart rate dropped and my BP went up! DEHYDRATION! Needless to say, I stayed home and didn't do a darn thing for a good month. Yes that's how afraid I was to go outside and hit the trail. Up until recently I went back out on the trail and hit it again. Took it easy and did my regular route, I was good to go. So I'm getting ready to go out there again today. I love the trail and it's so close to home. I have become better at making sure I'm keeping hydrated in this crazy weather we have here in TX with the help of a few pedialyte popsicles from time to time.

Well I know this blog is So I will stop for now. But I wil be back for more. I won't make my absences so long anymore. I do miss OH and to be quite honest I forgot just how much I loved visiting the site on a daily basis! I will most definitely get back in the loop once again! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog and check out the newest pics of myself. It's crazy! But I'm LOVING IT! Sending you all very warm hugs! My best to you all.


January 9, 2008 - Wednesday

Jan 08, 2008

Update! It's been a while...

Back at the gym yesterday evening after not working out for about a week. Not making excuses but I was out of town visiting my best friend Bobbie in TEXAS. Had a lot of fun getting to know her family, will be back again soon. Anyways I'm finally getting back into my routine of things here at home and hit the gym yesterday. I thought my workout was going to kick my butt since I hadn't worked out in about a week. But to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought, my legs did quiver after getting off of the elliptical but it felt GOOD! Yes it FELT GOOD that my body was responding to the workout. Before I started working out I weighed myself since it had been about 4 weeks since I had last weighed myself. I was afraid to get on the scale but I got on and wuala! Down another 7lbs!! Wuhoo!! So my total loss now is 128.6 lbs so far. I've NEVER been at 212 lbs at least not in my adult life. I'm that much closer to ONDERLAND and I can't wait!!! I know we shouldn't focus on the numbers but to be under 200 would be MARVELOUS!!!!

Next week I have my 6 month follow up appointment down in San Francisco, looking forward to seeing the others that started this journey at the same time I did. I will post again soon. Until then my best to everyone.

December 3, 2007 - Monday

Dec 03, 2007

5 Months 15 days Post Op - Update

I'm down another 10lbs, for a total so far of 122 lbs! Last night I went shopping at Macy's and I dared to try on a size 12 and it FIT!!!!!!! OMG! I did a little happy dance in the dressing room. What an amazing feeling! This has truly been an amazing journey so far and the journey continues. I think this first plateau I had has come to a halt for now, I changed up the exercise routine (still exercising like a mad woman ) and it seems to have done the trick. So I will continue on this routine until my next plateau. Yesterday was an amazing day. It's funny how I'am now getting hit on from the men . Things have so drastically changed for the best, life is good!

Monday - November 5, 2007

Nov 05, 2007

19 Weeks Out - Update!

So as of last Thursday I was 19 weeks post op. I had my 3 month follow up class that was rescheduled from the previous cancellation about 2 months ago. Anyways I attended the class in South San Francisco and was able to weigh in once again. To my dissappointment I had only lost 1 lb in two weeks!!!!! WTF!! I was totally bummed out, I had been use to seeing the scale drastically drop my firts few months out and now it seems I have hit my plateau. I still exercise like a MAD WOMAN as my best friend calls it but I know there is always room for improvement. It could just very well be that my body is trying to catch up to itself if that makes any sense???? I'm not going to let this beat me up I will continue with my exercise routine and focus in on my meals and my water where I can make improvements and or modifications. So for now I continue to keep on trucking along in hopes that this plateau doesn't hang around too much longer it will drive me CRAZY I do feel better than ever and I'am very happy with my success thus far. I'm down a little over 112 lbs which is FANTASTIC!!!! I feel like a completely different woman, much more confident and sure of herself and sassy may I add! I think it's the new hair style! I love it! Just a bit of KUDOS to my bf Bobbie you're my lifesaver mujer and my life support. Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown me you're a beautiful woman! {{{{{hugs}}}}}}

Monday - October 15, 2007

Oct 15, 2007


I had an appointment today with my general practitioner for follow up on my cholesterol and BP. Of course you know they weigh you and I was looking forward to getting weighed once again. The last time I had weighed was approximately 5 weeks ago. So I get on the scale and I'm down another 10lbs. Of course I was excited that my lbs are going down but on the flip side I was a little dissappointed it wasn't lower than it read. Perhaps I've come to a bit of a plateau. I understand I've lost A LOT of weight since surgery but I must say I've been accustomed to seeing the scale drastically change and this time not so much. I know I'am my worst critic and always hardest on myself. So I've decided not to look at it in a negative light rather positively after all I'm down another 10 LBS for a total of 111 lbs! Wuhoo!!

I can't believe it will be 4 months since surgery on the 18th of this month. How time flies! I don't get to visit the message boards as often as I would like but I still pop in from time to time and visit. Thanks for stopping by. My best to all of you.

Sunday - September 9, 2007

Sep 09, 2007

Love and Relationships
© By Erika D. Counts

When we said Hello
Encouragement was in the Breeze
Warnings Caressed our Every Decision
Past held Loneliness
Present held Pleasure
Future held Uncertainty
Communication was our Foundation
Friendship grew with Time
Trust Developed with Experience
Love became the Means of Life

Now when we say Hello
Encouragement dances in our Mist
Warnings have Scattered
Past is the Past
Present holds Pleasure
Future holds Ambitions
Communication is our Foundation
Friendship is Commitment
Trust is Complete
Love is Forever

Thursday - September 6, 2007

Sep 06, 2007


So I just got back from my CANCELLED doctors appointment (long story) in San Francisco, yeah that sucked but I have FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I asked them to let me weigh myself anyways and I lost another 35 lbs in a little over a month almost 5 weeks for a grand total loss of
101lbs!!!!!! OMG, I said SHUT THE FRONT DOOR when I got on the scale! I'am still on a natural HIGH from getting on the scale this morning. WOW 101 lbs!!!!! That's like all three of my nephews and niece put together. I lost three little kids! What an amazing day! The 2.5hour morning commute was so worth just getting on the scale and besides it was a beautiful day in Frisco, so I was able to enjoy that as well. Yeah I keep thinking 101lbs! OMG!!! 25 of it was lost before surgery and the rest of it has been lost since June 18th when I had my surgery. I still can not believe it! This is sooooooooooooooooooooo crazy!!! Life is good and I feel WONDERFUL!!!! Moni is on cloud nine today!!! I'am soooo exstatic (sp?)!!!!!!!!


Tuesday - September 4, 2007

Sep 04, 2007

Upcoming 3 Month Post Op Visit

My "almost" 3 month post op visit is this upcoming Thursday at 9:30am in South San Francisco. It's actually going to be 11weeks and 1 day post op visit, just to be exact ! lol Anyway I'm very excited for this appointment. I know I've lost a lot more weight since my last weigh in on July 25th. 

I share this 3 month post op date with my best bud Bobbie, she too will have her 3 month post op visit on the same day!!! She will be the first I call to share my total weight loss with so far. So be ready BOBS I'm calling you early in the morning!!!! LOL Then of course I will post it online to continue tracking lbs lost so far. 

I'm feeling better than ever, life is good! It's amazing to me the changes I have experienced and how my life has changed for the BETTER!  I have met a life long friend, my Bobs as I call her or Bobbielicious because she's so delicious like Fergie...LOL LOL We have become best of friends, we would have never met had it not been for OH. I'am very thankful to have found such a wonderful friend in her. YOU ROCK BOBS!!!!!! Love ya mama!

Well, I will definitely keep everyone posted with my updates. I'am truly thankful for my successes so far and all that has come along with those successes.

Thursday - August 30, 2007

Aug 30, 2007

Another WOW Moment!

So yesterday morning I'm headed to the shower , grab a towel out of the linen closet go in do my thing. As I'm getting out and I grab my towel I noticed I grabbed the "regular" size towel not my usual bath sheet And to my surprise it FIT!! It actually completely wrapped around my body - no need for BATH SHEET's anymore!!! WUHOO!!! Just wanted to post to remember the moment..thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday - August 29, 2007

Aug 29, 2007


So I have made plans with a VERY GOOD FRIEND of mine that I have had the pleasure of meeting here on OH and we have decided to spend NEW YEARS together in Kyle, Texas. So off to Kyle I go. I can't wait to meet you BOBS, we will have a blast. I'm SO EXCITED to finally meet you and the ENTIRE family!!!! lol  It's going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait!


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