John Alexander

"My first impression of Dr. Alexander was he reminded me of Robin Williams. LOL Never seen anyone wear scrubs with cowboy boots. His staff was AWESOME!! Ricki was so nice. She made sure my husband and I were very comfortable. She didn't make me feel like I was asking her alot of questions which I was. Then next I spoke with Dee Dee over the phone and she was great also!! Dr. Alexander didn't mention much about after care but he gave us a very detailed informative session about both procedures and revisions(which is what I'm getting). My husband walked into Dr. Alexander's office TOTALLY against RNY's. You couldn't have paid him to get one. At of the end of our consultation my husband made the decision to get a RNY. He also didn't stress too much on the risk of the surgeries which I didn't expect. it would had probally scared us away. He mentioned how with any surgery there were risk. He did speak alot about the benefits of both procedures. Overall I would rate Dr. Alexander as very knowledgeable of WLS. I would recommend him to my family and close friends."
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