Hi my names Danielle, I am 19 years old & I live in Mass. I decided to get the surgery about 3 months ago & im going through the process now... it's actually alot faster then I would have thought : )
I would like to have the surgery sometime in March, because im in school & thats the only week vacation i have before the summer. I have a boyfriend that I love very much his name is Dustin & he's being as supportive as he can be. I've only told 3 people in my family that im gettin the surgery; I'll tell them all after but for now im going to avoid those phone calls or email messages that tell me I can do it without surgery. Like the know their all stick figures. I've been big most of my life, I started to gain most of my weight however in highschool. I dont know why really. I've been really self-consious lately. I feel like im ruining most of my relationships, i never go out anymore really. Everytime I go out I compare myself with everyone else like I'm not worthy to go out with my friends because im not the same size as them : (

I think the sugery will help me in so many different ways & I can't wait to see my life change for the better.

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