8 weeks & 4 days

Jan 18, 2009

Well I got a call last Friday from the doc office and they told me that my labs are down and I needed to get them up and have them done again in 30 days...  I'm loosing some of my hair and that really sucks b/c my hair is already thin.... I am having trouble getting my pills and vitamins in.... I don't know what to do...... when i take my antidepressant it gets stuck and I have a bad day all day.... I also can't do the huge calcium citrate....yuk  I have found a new protein drink that I love... MAX PROTEIN..... its like 22 g of protein in one scoop and it calls for one or two scoops... plus if you use milk that's like 8 more g of protein in one drink....yeah .  And the fish oil isn't going so well either I was doing good with all of this before surgery but now it just taste so nasty.....  


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