Diabetes Wow - 11/13/08

Mar 03, 2009

Post Date: 11/13/08 2:26 pm
Prior to my surgery last week, I was taking nearly 200 units of insulin daily - and my sugars were not well controlled.  My fastings were usually around 250, and untreated my readings were always around 400.

I have been diabetic for >10 years, and knowing that, I chose the DS as the best potential CURE for my diabetes.  I have 2 children and wanted to be able to see them, run with them, care for them until they are adults.  Even with the DS, I knew there was a chance I would not be one of the lucky ones whose diabetes is an immediate cure.  And it wasn't.

With that backdrop, my untreated reading this afternoon was 190!!!  I haven't been taking any insulin because my eating has been so screwy, and it just gets better and better every day.  In the hospital, my readings were around 230.  Now, 4 days later, they're down another 40 points!  At this rate, my numbers will be NORMAL in a month.

This is a very emotional post for me - I am about to burst into tears of joy with the fact that my life threatening, debilitating disease is slowly becoming just a fading nightmare.

I'm not an overtly religious type, but I have to praise God for this surgery, and the people here who really made me think about my options and choose to have the DS.

I LOVE MY DS.  Now where's that damn cookie!


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