Surgery Wendesday! - 11/2/08

Mar 03, 2009

Post Date: 11/2/08 8:08 pm
Like a bunch of us on tonight, my surgery is in a few days and I am bouncing of the walls with excitement.

I had a total stress dream the other night though - that it was time for me to drop my kids off at my parents (they're staying there for a few days) and I had forgotten to pack their bags!

My cold is MUCH better - no infections.  The Zicam (although nasty) worked well, along with the vitamin C and the decongestants and getting some rest (which I was able to get a little of.)

Had a very nice visit with my angel, Lisa, today!  She was soooo sweet and brought me a bunch of protein samples, and some UpCalD samples. :)  We had a lovely chat and my two hellions actually played nicely with her very patient daughter...

Tomorrow is my pre-op - but I almost had a cow on Saturday.  My surgeon called me and left this very cryptic message.  He told me to page him.  (On a Saturday!)  So, I did, and it turns out he wants me to participate in some study he's doing, and I will have some sort of esophogeal test.  I agreed, but only if they can do it tomorrow while at my pre-op.  So, we will see.  I was afraid he'd gotten my labs and seen something horrible and would have to cancel me!  I wa relieved it wasn't anything of great consequence (for me, obviously Dr. Crookes wants patients for his study!)

So, all is well in Aimeeville, I mean, Corona, lol. :)

Off to do more laundry!

Aimee :)


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