Well I have been over weight for about 14 years.  I gained some weight with pregancies and the marjority of my weight was gained when I had to go on hormone injections once a month and that led to depression.  I became none active and ate a lot of junk food for comfort.   I was caught up in the vicious cycle of being depressed, so I ate, then I was more depressed because I ate, and on and on.

I have a wondeful husband ( of almost 20yrs- my high school sweetheart<3) and two great children (son 18, daughter 15) who are very supportive and I am very blessed by God to have them in my life!   My church family is also awesome, and my extended family is coming around to the fact that I have had WLS.

At the very beginning of my journey I weighed in at 259lbs, and the day of RNY Surgery (12/19/07) I weighed in at 250.6lbs.  I am very excited, yet still nervous about this wonderful journey that I am on.  I still can't believe that I actually had WLS!!!  WOW!  It all seems surreal.

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