04/15/05 - Oh I am so excited!!! I found out today that as soon as I finish my weight loss with my physician, I will be able to have surgery. I have to get records from my sleep apnea doc and I have the psych eval and nutrition appointments scheduled. Everyone pray that it will go through this time. I
have been trying to have this surgery since October, 2002.

05/25/05 - Hopefully after the first of July, I will be able to get a date for surgery. I have all of the documents from my doctors and I will have my 6 months completed. Please remember me in your prayers. I know that this is where God wants me and I know He wants me healthy.

06/06/06 - O.K. I will go to my PCP next week for my fifth weigh in and then I will go back the first week of July for my last time. My insurance company says that will be it. I have gotten all of my other documents in to Dr. Freeman's office. Hopefully, I will be able to have surgery sometime this summer.

07/08/05 - I went for my last weigh in on the 6 month required medicall supervised weight loss. I got the med. records yesterday. I will fax them to Dr. Freeman's office today. I am going to see Dr. Freeman next week. Wouldn't it be wonderful if FINALLY I got some good news from the insurance company. I need and want this so badly. It is all in God's hands now.

07/27/05 - I was denied AGAIN so I had to weigh again today and get papers to try to help BCBS understand the YES I have been under a six month physician weight loss program.

07/27/05 - I have resubmitted all papers to Beverly at Dr. Freeman's office. She is going to send in the appeal for me. She is wonderful.

08/10/05 - I am so depressed. I have not heard from the insurance company nor Dr. Freeman's office. This waiting is horrible. Well whatever happens, I have to look at it as that is God's will for my life.

08/22/05 - I am APPROVED!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! After several years, I am so happy, amazed and just elated. Thank you Lord. I am having surgery on September 13, 2005.

09/06/05 - My surgery is one week from today. I am beginning to become a bit nervous or anxious or something. I am still excited, but there is a part of me that is nervous about next week. I know the Lord has plans for my life and I know that His hand will be upon Dr. Freeman, Tim and the rest of the staff during my surgery. I have begun my 3's this week...soup, sandwiches and salads. Boy do I miss my diet cokes. Well I do want to feel better and be able to get around easier. The diet cokes are not worth losing that. I have a lot to cope with this week though, as I just found out 3 weeks ago that my mom has stomach lymphoma, my youngest daughter is leaving for boot camp (Army) this Friday, September 9, 2005, and then there is the surgery lol. Well, I just have faith that God has it all under control and that everyone will be just fine.

09/07/05 - I went for my pre-ops today. I went to the hospital and spent 3 hours and then saw Natalie (the nutritionist at Dr. Freeman's office) Tim, and Dr. Freeman. They are wonderful. Surgery next Tuesday.

09/09/05 - This is my last day at work for a few weeks. Several of the legal secretaries in town have called and they are so supportive and sweet. I will miss being here each day, but I know that once this is over, I will feel so much better even with my job. I know that everything is going to be wonderful. I ask the Lord to watch over my family and take their fears and anxieties away.

09/12/05 - Well, in just a few hours I will be getting up to go to the hospital. I am a little nervous but not so much that it is really bad. I know that my savior is with me and will be with Dr. Freeman and Tim and the others who care for me while I recooperate. I feel that I am about to begin a journey that I cannot conceive. I have only been small for a very short time in my 49 1/2 years. I cannot believe I am really going to lose weight and feel better. I want this weight off of my back and my joints so they will stop hurting so badly. It is really ironic that the knee that has the torn cartlidge in and that has not really bothered me much has hurt so badly for the past 3 days. Maybe when this is over I will go and have that fixed. I am rattling so I guess I am a bit more nervous than I thought. Anyway, I should be back home Thursday evening according to Dr. Freeman, so maybe shortly after that I will update my profile. I cannot wait to get to eat something again. I am depending on the Lord for strength to get me through this liquid diet. I have done ok these two days. Now if I can make it for 6 more days. lol Lord look down on me, Dr. Freeman, Tim and the staff tomorrow and guide their hands. Give me peace and strength to carry on as I should through this new experience. I praise and worship you.

10/17/05 - Went to Dr. Freeman today for one month check up. I had lost 29 pounds. It feels great!!! Thank you Lord.

10/25/05 - I hear from my daughter most every day. I cannot wait to see her. Her graduation from boot camp is only 22 days away. I miss her so much. I am so very proud of her.

10-31-05 - Happy Halloween!!! No candy for me, but heck I feel so good...that's better than candy. I am now in a loose 22. I started in a 26-28. This has been wonderful so far. Thank you God!!!!

11-03-05 I am so excited. Just 2 weeks and I will see my baby girl. I will be at Fort Jackson with her. I miss her so much, but she feels that God has led her into the military, so who am I to argue that? I pray that God will keep her in His arms and keep her safe always. She has not saw me since before my surgery and I will not send her pictures of the new me. I hope she can see a difference. When I went to get my B-12 shot at my pcp's office last week, according to his scales I had lost 42 pounds since I began attempting to do this thing. Most of that has been post op loss. I will measure again on the 13th. After one month I had lost 18 inches. I am excited to see what's gone this time. My orthopedist told me that I will not have to have surgery on my knee at this time because it is not torn cartiledge, but rather something else that my doctor feels can be eased by weight loss. Isn't that great!!!

11-14-05...My daughter, (soldier) called me last night. We were both so excited that we just laughed on the phone. I haven't seen her for 9 weeks, but it seems like years. I miss her so much. She has not seen me since I had WLS so hopefully she will see a change. I measured yesterday as it was my 2 month anniversary. I had lost another 12.5 inches so that is 30.5 inches for two months. I can tell it in my clothes. I will not weigh again until I see Dr. Freeman next month for my 3 month check up. I am anxious to see how much I have lost. I will be attending my first New Beginnings meeting tomorrow night. I am also excited about that. This is just a very exciting week for me. My hubby is having a sleep study done tonight. If he does not have sleep apnea, something is wrong. I hope he gets a C-pap so we both can sleep lol.

11/21/05 Back from my daughter's graduation from Basic Training. She is so different in a positive way. I am so proud of her. She will begin her AIT today at Fort Jackson. Thank goodness that she did not have to go any further. She is much smaller and muscular than when she left. She did want to know how much weight I had lost so we found a scale at GNC in a mall. I weighed and to my surprise, I have lost 52 pounds in 2 months. That was amazing to me. She said that she knew I had lost a lot of weight, but I did not realize it was that much. Thank you Lord!!! I feel so much better. I do need to get myself out of this blue feeling. I cried all the way to Atlanta last night and then when Adam (my son) had to leave to go back to Gulf Shores for work, I cried the rest of the night. This is so hard, but they are growing up and I have to support them. I just pray that the Lord will take care of them and watch over them. I will update again at my 3 month check up with Dr. Freeman.

11/30/05 Geni (daughter) called last night and she has been bitten by a spider. She is in sick call and they are going to have to drain a large place on her face today where she was bitten. I begged to go to her, but they will not let me. This is horrible. She is in the Lord's hands which are much better than mine, but I am the momma and I want to be there for her. According to my scales, (which I said I would not get, but mother gave them to me) I have lost almost 60 pounds since 09/13/05. I am thrilled. My skin is beginning to sag a bit, but hey...I feel so much better. Geni will be home on the 18th and so will Stacey (son's g/f in Army). Adam will be home from Gulf Shores and all my babies will once again be together in the nest. I can't wait. Lord please watch over my children and our military.

12/13/05 - I had my 3 month check up yesterday. I have lost a total of 63 pounds. I am thrilled. Tim said that all of my levels were good. All of my children will be home this coming weekend. Saturday is Daniel's and Adam's birthdays and Geni will be coming in from Fort Jackson Sunday. She still has a bit of hives and they found a heart murmer, but she is doing so much better now. She will get to stay in the military, but she will be on profile so she will not be sent into combat and she will be limited on a few other things. I can't wait to see all of my children together. Lord please keep everyone safe.

12/21/05 - What a wonderful Christmas present...I put on a pair of size 18 pants today. I am so excited. I have gone from a 26/28 to an 18. Praise the Lord!!!! My kids are all home and safe. My life is so wonderful right now. I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas.

01/10/06 - We had a wonderful Christmas. Geni was home from Fort Jackson for 2 weeks. Adam was up from Gulf Shores and Stacey ( Adam's fiancee') was home from Fort Lee for 2 weeks. Geni and I shopped and shopped until we both almost dropped. It was fun though. I did so enjoy all of my children being home at the same time.

01/17/05 - Geni came home for the weekend. We were both tired and not too much fun. We did go to Macrae's going out of business sale in Roebuck and went and got a manicure and pedicure. My DH took her back to Fort Jackson yesterday. I do miss her. Paul (my oldest son) has gone to work in Gulf Shores with Adam ( my middle son). Daniel is still waiting to hear from the University of Alabama regarding his application. He wants to go to school there very badly. He should be accepted. I cannot find anyone who will insure me. This is horrible. They won't insure me because I had WLS. I am healthier now than ever and I am too much of a risk. Wow...insurance companies are ... well never mind. I am trusting in the Lord that He send me to or send to me who or what I need. I am suppose to go to the support group meeting tonight, but once again, I have to work late. I was told that I may be here until midnight to get this appellate brief out. It is due tomorrow. Maybe next month. It seems that every month something comes up. I measured myself day before yesterday and I have lost 45 inches and 80 pounds....yahooooo. Isn't this great. Well, I need to stop rambling and get back to work lol. Until next time.

2-22-06 - Geni left for Hawaii yesterday. I am so proud of her and all of our military personnel. She called last night and said it was beautiful there. She found out that she may have to go to Alaska in a few months for a little while. Me...I have now lost 90 pounds and seem to be stuck. I am going to drink more water and try to eat more protein. If that does not get me kick started...I will do the carb thing for a day. The woman at Curves said that it could be that I am working out more and it could be muscle. Me - muscle lol. Well, the loss will begin again when my body is ready. I just feel so good and have so much more energy. I love my new life and the ability to actually live. I am also wearing a size 18 now which I have not worn in over 22 years. I am no longer morbidly obese...just obese. Isn't this great. Until next time.

3/16/06 I have joined Curves and been going for one month now. They weighed me yesterday and I lost ONLY 6 pounds but 10 inches. I guess that is alright. I am not losing much right now. Hopefully, it will pick up soon. We went to see the boys in Gulf Shores last weekend. It is so strange, they are grown. How fast time does fly. They were only babies just a short while ago. I feel great. I have been able to incorporate white meat chicken into my diet and small amounts of beef, however, no hamburgers, lettuce, or loaf bread for me. It will be fine if I am never able to eat these, though. I have had such success. I see others who have had just horrible problems and I thank God every day that I am so blessed. Until next time.

03/23/06 I went to see Dr. Freeman for my 6 month check up on 03/20/06. I had lost a total of 86 pound since surgery so that is a total of 92 pounds (including my six pounds I lost during the 6 month supervised wl prior to surgery). I have lost a total of 84 inches and I feel great. I am stuck though. I have not lost must weight lately. I am trying very hard to get more water in. Geni is loving Hawaii. Paul and Adam will be home from Gulf Shores this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing them. Sharon is doing fine except that she is worried about Paige driving. Daniel...well he is looking forward to graduation. That's about it til next time.

03/30/06 - Geni called from Hawaii yesterday and told me that she would be deploying to Iraq in June. Even though I know she is safe in the arms of God, I still got upset. That is my baby girl after all. I spoke with her last night and I now have peace with this. I believe I have finally broke the plateau that I have been on for over a month. I weighed this morning and the scale said I had lost 3 pounds. I sure hope it stays there. I am going shopping tonight for all the things I need for the Bama Bash day after tomorrow. I believe Beth is going to schedule us a dinner for Friday night. This is going to be so much fun. I just love everyone on the OH Board. They are all so helpful and mean so much to me. The boys (Paul and Adam) have moved into a new apartment in Foley. They are planning on being down there for a good while yet. I sure do miss those big of boys. Daniel got an award at the Depot last week for being the biggest co-op contributor this year. I am proud that, on his own, he donated so much to help others. Sharon and my grand younguns are doing good. Paige is driving everywhere. She almost hit a mailbox the other day. (Now her momma knows how I felt about 18 years ago lol.) Well, I gotta get back to work. Until next time....

04/02/06 - I went to the Bama Bash yesterday with John and Daniel. It was so much fun. For the very first time in my life, I was able to fit into a paddle boat and I paddled all over the lake for an hour. I could not have done that 6 months ago. I did not even hurt when it was over. I met so many wonderful people. They were so nice and brought so much good food. I just had the best time. I can't wait until next year. I just love these people so much.

04/17/06 We had a wonderful Easter. All of the kids were at the house except for Geni. I sure do miss that little squirt. She is in Hawaii at Scoffield Base. I am proud of her. I have really been down this month. I have only lost 4 pounds this past month. That puts me at a total of loss of 98 pounds. I do not know why I am not losing weight. This is very depressing. Some have told me that I will come out of this. When they weighed me at Curves yesterday, Tina told me the same things. I lost 10 1/2 inches, which makes a total of 79 inches lost since surgery. That is good. I am going into a size 16. I wore some 14/16 shorts Saturday...That was a thrill. Well, I should not be depressed, heck this time last year I could barely walk and now I am jogging. I must be thankful for the miracle God has created in my life. I forget where I came from sometimes. Until next time...

April 24, 2006 - John and I spent the weekend in Mentone...my favorite place on God's earth. It was so quiet and nice. We went to Chattanooga on Saturday and rode the riverboat and went to the aquarium. We went to Cragsmere for Dinner Saturday night. Sunday we had brunch at the Wildflower and went to DeSoto State Park, which we love. It is so beautiful there. I am now back to the real world. Daniel graduates in one month. He grew up so quickly. Geni may not be deployed. They have her on anti-depressants and she is also going to have to have her shoulder operated on soon, so she may not be deployed to Iraq. Also, she told me that she may get to go Green to Gold, which is where she will go to college and then serve her time after she is out of school. I just want her to be safe. I miss her so much. Until next time....

05/22/06 Well, I'm excited. My boys will be up from the gulf tomorrow night. I miss them so much. Geni is very upset because she will not be home for Daniel's graduation. I cannot believe it...my baby is graduating. That is the last one. I have such mixed emotions. I am so happy for him and his accomplishments, but at the same time, I am sad. It was only yesterday that he was a baby, if you can call a 10 pound 14 ounce new born a baby. lol Anyway, things are going good. I have had a severe sinus infection, but other than that, everything is good. I really miss Geni. She is talking about staying in Hawaii once she is out of the Army. However, she changes her mind so often. lol I am in a size 16 now. I have not seen this size since I was 16 lol. It feels so good to be able to go into the store and buy pretty clothes and pretty shoes and 16" necklaces and they fit!!! I will not say that I will never put the weight back on...but I will say that I never want to. I feel great and I am enjoying my new life so much. People laugh at me because simple things such a necklaces that they have taken for granted, I am thrilled to be able to put on my neck. I could not before unless it was at least a 22" chain. I can wear my wedding rings again. That is wonderful!!! They are size 8. I can wear bracelets!!! The next thing I am aiming for is an anklet lol. This is so much fun. People just do not realize what obese people live and go through. It is as if a whole new world has been opened up to me. I often ask my best friend if it is ok if I wear or buy something to wear. She tells me if it fits and is decent...wear it. lol This is a wonderful life!!!! Until next time....

05/31/06 - I made it through Daniel's graduation well. I did not fall all to pieces as I thought I would. I enjoyed the boys all being at home so much. We had the best time. We went to see Trace Adkins and out to eat and just had fun. They really like the new me. They, especially Adam, cannot get over the weight that I have lost. He tells me that I am beautiful. That sure does make an old lady feel good. And you know what...I enjoy going and doing now. I never did before. I dreaded even having to walk outside with them. I love doing anything they want. I have a wonderful life. Geni is doing good. She just moved into a condo. I am not thrilled that she is having surgery, but I am thrilled that that will keep her from having to go to Iraq. Until next time.....

06/12/06...I talked to Geni yesterday. She will be having surgery at the end of this month. She is in Hawaii all alone so John and I will be flying out there for a couple of weeks to take care of her and bring her home for a few weeks. I hate that she is having surgery, but I am a bit excited about going to Hawaii. I have now lost 104 pounds. I feel wonderful. I want to lose about 50 or 60 more pounds. Hopefully that will come off before long. I have been doing the protein diet for plateaus and it worked. I lost several pounds on that. I will end that Wednesday. The boys are all good. John is still having a hard time. His arthritis is bad and getting worse. God please touch his body. Until next time....

06/20/06 I was weighed at Curves yesterday. I got so excited. I have lost a total of 108 pounds. I am now wearing a size 16. I bought a bathing suit for the first time in 30 years Sunday. I am going to Stone Mountain with my oldest daughter (Sharon) and my DH Friday for the weekend and I plan to put my not as big bottom in the pool. I am so excited. (It is a 2 piece, but the top and bottom come together so you cannot see anything.) I have made reservations in Gulf Shores to go down there to visit with my son (Adam) on July 7 - 9. I want to go go go now. I have a lot of energy that I have never had before. My sons are all doing well. Sharon is still a bit depressed over her situation at home with her husband. Geni...well...I was going to Hawaii for her surgery. However, she has told me now that she is not having surgery and will just be discharged from the Army in a few months and then have surgery. Then the next day she told me that she may have part of the surgery and have the rest later. I don't know what to do. I told her that I would just come for a week's visit and she seemed excited. Later she called and told me that maybe I should wait a while before I came. Therefore, I am not going and I wish I knew what was going on. This is really driving me nuts. I know that the Lord has her in His hands and that it will all turn out His way. My support meeting is tonight. I always enjoy that. Becky is a wonderful leader. John is doing ok. I just stay so concerned about his health. He has gone down quite a bit since he retired. With his back, he is very limited. He is going on trips with me and we just kinda take is slow and easy. He had a wonderful father's day Sunday. Paul took him to breakfast and bought him a coin that he had been wanting and a proof set. Sharon took him to lunch and gave him a Santa that she had made for him. He loved it. I got him several things. Geni and Adam called him. Daniel is buying tickets to the fall race and is buying one for his dad for father's day. These kids are great...sometimes confusing...but great. Until next time....

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June 12, 2006

06/26/06...John, Sharon and myself spent the weekend at Stone Mountain, Georgia. It was a wonderful weekend. After Geni not wanting us to come to Hawaii, for some odd reason, I needed to get away and this was wonderful. I seldom ever get away with just Sharon because of her family. She had a great time. She needed a break also. She is a doll and has always been there for me. We rode everything and went to all the sites with exception to the riverboat. We walked from 8:00 a.m. Saturday until 6:00 p.m. that night. John was so tired. He stayed home and Sharon and I went to a little German restaurant right outside of the park. It was wonderful. I had quishe for the 1st time since I had surgery. I ate almost the whole piece. We went to brunch at the convention center yesterday morning. It was out of this world. I had eggs benedict, fruit and a few bites of different things. I told John that if it had been a year ago, I would have eaten so much that I would have been miserable. Daniel's friend's father was killed Friday night. It was really bad. He was hit on his motorcycle. This has reallyl taken a toll on Daniel. He had just told me last week that he wanted a motorcycle. I think he has changed his mind. Paul and Adam are fussing again. They always try to get me in the middle. I told them both to leave me out of their business. Kids...I love them...but they really need to mature a bit. I pray so much that they will be closer and more friendly. I don't know what is wrong with Geni. When I told her that her daddy and I were coming out there, she more or less told me not to. Now she is saying that they are not doing surgery. I told her that we would come anyway for a week. She seemed excited at first and then told me that we might want to re-think that. She said that she did not have all of her furniture yet. She has been there since February. I thought she would be set by now. Oh well...I trust in the Lord that she is ok. They are all grown and there is nothing I can do but pray for them. I have now lost a total of 109 pounds. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! He is so good to me. It was so wonderful this past weekend to be able to ride on things and walk all day without being winded. I love my new life. I am so blessed. Until next time......

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July 19, 2006 - First of all...Praise the Lord!!! Geni made it through surgery and is doing good. She is in a bit of pain, but that is expected. She is coming home in a few days. John and I went to Foley to see Adam weekend before last. We went to Fort Morgan and then to the ocean. It was beautiful. I love to go now. I love to go visit with Adam. He is doing so well. I use to hate going anywhere. I didn't even want to get up in the mornings. I love going. Sharon and I went to Loretta Lynn's place at Hurricane Hills this past weekend. We had so much fun. I love going with her. She is my rock. Paul is coming in this weekend for a visit. I so look forward to seeing him. Daniel is getting ready for college. He is a fantastic kid...well they all are...some just a bit more incouragable than others lol. John is doing ok. He is really going to have to get serious about his diabetes. That really concerns me. He is trying though. He is honestly trying to change his diet. We had our support group meeting last night and it was one of the best. Becky is so wonderful. Randall Culpepper was visiting last night. He is precious. I am thankful that both of them allow God to use them. Well...that's all for now. Until next time....

07/30/06 - Well...it has been so exciting and busy around here. Geni came home from Hawaii for two 1/2 weeks on Tuesday. She had shoulder surgery and is doing good. It was a miracle that she was able to come home. Her staff sgt. and I went round and round Friday night before she came home. She does not like Geni and is trying vigorously to get her in some type of trouble. The Lord will take care of her though. The staff sgt. needs prayers. She needs love. She is so bitter and angry. I tried, but it did not work.

I went shopping yesterday and went to Victoria's Secrets. I got fitted for a bra and I bought one and undies. IT IS GREAT!!!! People just do not realize how something like this feels unless they have been there. That is why I love all of these people so much. I have lost another 2 pounds. I feel great. I get these energy spurts and then after a few hours, they are gone. lol It's good while it lasts. The boys are all doing great. Sharon and Rusty had their 17th wedding anniversary this weekend. Wow it's hard to realize that my little girl has been married that long. God is so good to us. I am going to be an angel to a lady. I just pray that I do it right. This is very important to me. I pray that I can retire in a couple of months so that maybe I can help some of the people who need help. I would love to do that. Well....until next time.....

08/02/06 - I became an angel for Anetra Webster (China Chick). I had never done this before and honestly hope I did it right. She was at medical center east. I went to see her last night following her surgery. Boy did that bring back memories...the kind I don't like to remember lol. She was hurting, but she was doing good. I took her a basket full of things she will need such as measuring cups and spoons, baby spoons, a water bottle, crackers, crystal light, lotion for her to pamper herself with, Curves magazine and pen to let her know that exercise is important when she can begin, and a few other little things. I think it is very important that each new person having WLS knows exactly what they need to do. Some really do not. Fortunately, my surgeon and his staff prepared me well. I also have a wonderful support group that helps so much and the people on the OH Board are great. Geni is still at home. She seems to be having a good time. She has pretty well let me know where my place is though...that is another story. Sharon and the grandkids are coming up Sunday to have lunch. Paul and Adam are coming in Friday, 8-11 to visit for the weekend. Daniel begins college in a couple of weeks. Wow how time flies. I have lost about 116 pounds now. I sure am losing slowly. Until next time....

08/03/06 Well...I forgot my "biggie". I went with Geni to the mall Saturday. She was going into Victoria's Secrets, a store that I had never been in. (When others would go into the store that were with me, I always had to go somewhere else...I was too ashamed to go into VS.) This time I went in reluntantly. I looked at all the "pretties" and Geni had the lady measure me and sure nuff...I can wear they clothes now. What a wow moment for me. People do not understand how little things like this mean so much unless they have been obese. Praise the Lord for this surgery and the wonderful and happy feelings that are inside me now. Until next time.....

08/07/06 - I had a fairly decent weekend. Sharon and the grandkids came up and we went school clothes shopping. That was fun and exhausting. I did buy me a few things too. I bought some gauchos (sp?) and shirts that were on sale. (Size L and 16s -woohooo). I am kinda down right now though. The visit with Geni that I was so excited about has turned into a nightmare. Please God...help my child. I was so excited for her to come home and now I am horrified for her. At this point, I can only turn her over to God and let Him take over. I can no longer do anything for her. This is breaking my heart. I love her so much, but I also have 4 other children whom I love with all my heart too. I cannot allow one to over shadow them any longer. John and I are looking forward to the boys (Paul and Adam) coming home this next weekend. I miss them so much. They are both doing well. Randi will be coming with Adam. (His sweetie.) I wanted us all to get together, but that will not be possible. I do not understand how people without the Lord in their lives make it from day to day. Until next time.....

08/09/06 I am doing well. However, my emotions stink right now. With the stuff going on with Geni, I cannot concentrate. I need to talk to her. I think I will just go ahead and call her and see if we can talk. Although I cannot agree with what she is doing, I love her so much and she will be leaving Monday to go back to Hawaii. It may be quite some time before I see her again. Paul and Adam are coming in Friday. They will be here until Sunday. Daniel is taking off work Saturday so he can be here with his brothers. We will have a wonderful time I am sure. I booked a room for 2 nights yesterday for the bash in Luverne. That is going to be great. I am really looking forward to that. God has been so good to me. Until next time....

08/15/06 Well...Geni has gone back to Hawaii. I know that she is going to be fine. I have placed her in the arms of God. I have so many blessings....having WLS and gaining my life back, healthy children and a loving home and husband, having so many good friends on the OH Board and on and on and on. I


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August 20th in Naples, Florida
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    My First impression of Dr. Freeman was that he was a Christian man. Also, Dr. Freeman has specialized in this surgery. He seems totally devoted to his "calling". My impression of Dr. Freeman has not changed. If anything, it has become stronger. I have done much research on this surgery in the past 3 years and Dr. Freeman's success rate is wonderful. The staff at Dr. Freeman's office is wonderful. Beverly is a doll. She assisted me so much in trying to get me approved. So far, there is nothing that I do not like about this office or the doctor. Dr. Freeman and his staff place much empahsis on aftercare. His booklet that I received once I was approved (The Owner's Manual) spells out everything so there is absolutely no questions. Furture patients should know that he is a wonderful person and believes in the power of prayer. He does have a structured aftercare program. He has fully addressed all of the risks of surgery. Overall I would give him a 15 on a scale of 10.
    Insurer Info:
    Blue Cross Blue Shield, Regence

  • 08/22/05 - I am APPROVED!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! After several years, I am so happy, amazed and just elated. Thank you Lord. I am having surgery on September 13, 2005.

    The Morning of Surgery

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    Me and Daniel
    Uploaded: October 29, 2006
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    Daniel and Sharon
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    June 12, 2006

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    July 18, 2006

    HAPPY ONE YEAR SURGIVERSARY TO ME!!! It has been one year today since my WLS. I have lost the following:

    my fear of being around people;
    the feeling of being inadequate;
    high blood pressure;
    sleep apnea;
    severe arthritis;
    swelling in my ankles every day;
    swelling in my hands every day;
    not wanting to walk two blocks to the courthouse, now I would run 10 times a day;
    wanting to stay at home and never socialize;
    shopping in the PLUS section;
    not being able to buy pretty shoes;
    not being able to wear a 16 inch necklace;
    not being able to wear a "normal" sized bracelet;
    not being able to sit in an airplane seat comfortably;
    not being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant;
    being ashamed of what I look like;
    not being able to tie my shoes;
    124 pounds;
    not being able to exercise;
    and much much more.

    What I have gained;

    My life back.

    THANK YOU DEAR JESUS!!!!!! People think that I am silly when I tell them these things. However "normal" people can never understand the pain and shame that I and many many other have gone through as obese people. This gift is so wonderful!!! Thank you God for my life and for this miracle you have given me. Until next time.....

    August 20th in Naples, Florida