Bryan Freeman

"My First impression of Dr. Freeman was that he was a Christian man. Also, Dr. Freeman has specialized in this surgery. He seems totally devoted to his \"calling\". rnrnMy impression of Dr. Freeman has not changed. If anything, it has become stronger. I have done much research on this surgery in the past 3 years and Dr. Freeman's success rate is wonderful.rnrnThe staff at Dr. Freeman's office is wonderful. Beverly is a doll. She assisted me so much in trying to get me approved.rnrnSo far, there is nothing that I do not like about this office or the doctor.rnrnDr. Freeman and his staff place much empahsis on aftercare. His booklet that I received once I was approved (The Owner's Manual) spells out everything so there is absolutely no questions.rnrnFurture patients should know that he is a wonderful person and believes in the power of prayer.rnrnHe does have a structured aftercare program.rnrnHe has fully addressed all of the risks of surgery. rnrnOverall I would give him a 15 on a scale of 10.rnrnrnrnrn<a href=\"mailto:[email protected]\"><img src=\"\">rn</a>rnrnrn"