Jun 20, 2012

I have not been able to post because my laptop keyboard went out. I was only able to read but I kidnapped my sisters laptop today to gove you all and update. 

 Well I have been everywhere.

I was feeling like a slave in my own home bcause my mother made me rest (not a bad thing) But the day she let me go I went to Ocean City (drove with my children) and had a wonderful ime with some family from out of town. Then got up the next moring took my little cousin grocery shopping (she has her first apt.) Then I got on the road again and drove to Philly (I missed my husband) spent the night and then drove to Maryland later that day.

I am doing well and fine now. I am managing to get in my protein and take my vitamins. I look foward to my vitamins because they are like candy to me (Celebrate). I am now on soft foods and tuna and salmon have been my favorites and because they have a lot of protein. 

I am doing a lot of walking and circut training. Just on my legs and arms to tone. I am not losing the weight that I want but I am losing inches. I had lost my workout pants and saw my daughters shorts in the hall. Something told me to try them on and I did............THEY FIT and they are a size 14/15 they were tight but I got them on with litle effort. When I came home I was taking m children out to Chuck E Cheese I didnt know what I wanted to wear so I found some jeans (dont know where they came from) they were a size 16......................THEY FIT. I was overjoyed and elated.

Now my weight I am down to 237 which is from the highest of 262 before surgery. My neck and wrist are noticeably getting slimmer. I was rubbing my neck for some reason and I realized that I lost a chin. It was so funny I had to go and look in the mirror and it is slowly vanishing. 

I am going to start taking some pictures today and posting soon,

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