No weight loss week 3 Post Op?!?!?!

Aug 09, 2010

OK... I am totally confused? The first 2 weeks I lost 28 lbs, now that I am eating I haven't lost anything? I have asked around and done web searches and this does not seem to be normal.  I don't have anything going on that seems out of place... Nothing hurts, I'm keeping food down, No dirrahea... Everything seems to be fine and no weight loss? Should I call my Doctor or wait another week? Could this be because I didn't eat weeks one and two and maybe it's catching up with me? I hope this passes and I start seeing weight loss.  I didn't go through with this surgery just to stay fat and unhealthy! If anyone has an answer to why I didn't lose weight this past week (10 days now) please feel free to let me know! This is very discouraging... Has this happened to anyone else so early after surgery?

One week out...

Jul 21, 2010

OMG... I am one week out today and let me tell you, this is a lot harder than I thought! The surgery went well but my body didn't take well to the surgery.  I ended up staying an extra day and was home on Saturday.  On Sunday I became very sick (both ends) and ended up back in the hosptial and was released on Tuesday.  I am not able to get down any protein drinks as they make me gag... I can't wait for the next stage! At least being able to eat soft foods I will be able to get all my protein in.  I expected tough, not intolerable.  The only thing getting me through this other than the support of my family and friends is that I have already lost 12lbs in the first week alone! YAY! Hopefully I can advance to stage 4 at my 1st post op MD appointment 7/29... Fingers crossed!

It's almost time... 7/14/2010

Jul 05, 2010

I really can't belive that my surgery is a little more than a week away.  I have waited for over a year and it is finally here! I am so nervous, yet so excited! It is hands down the strangest emotion I have ever experienced! I have many friends who over the past year have had the surgery, with great success and no regrets, but I can't help but think that everything is going to go wrong.  I need this surgery, it isn't a matter of wanting to look good, it's life and death.  I started the liquid diet a few days ago and I am having trouble with that... It's really tough.  Because I'm diabetic, my Dr put me on a partial liquid where I can have one meal a day, but even that is tough.... This totally sucks! But it needs to be done soooo.... I'm gonna stop the crying, gonna put on my big girl panties and suck it up!

The start of my journey...

Dec 21, 2009

I had my initial consultation today with Dr Miguel Burch at Boston Medical Center.  I have ALL of my appointments set up... Right now I am looking at a June/July surgery.  It has taken me a year or so to finally come to this and I couldn't be happier! I am on my way to getting healthy so that I can be here for my children... It all starts NOW!!

Next Steps...
Start losing weight
2 Support Groups
Dietician Appointment: 3/25
Nutritionist Appointment: 4/16
Psych Eval: 5/21
Schedule Surgery
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