No weight loss week 3 Post Op?!?!?!

Aug 09, 2010

OK... I am totally confused? The first 2 weeks I lost 28 lbs, now that I am eating I haven't lost anything? I have asked around and done web searches and this does not seem to be normal.  I don't have anything going on that seems out of place... Nothing hurts, I'm keeping food down, No dirrahea... Everything seems to be fine and no weight loss? Should I call my Doctor or wait another week? Could this be because I didn't eat weeks one and two and maybe it's catching up with me? I hope this passes and I start seeing weight loss.  I didn't go through with this surgery just to stay fat and unhealthy! If anyone has an answer to why I didn't lose weight this past week (10 days now) please feel free to let me know! This is very discouraging... Has this happened to anyone else so early after surgery?


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