What a night at the ER and an unfilled band ugh

Nov 25, 2007

Well i  have not one drop of fluid in my band now.. ( crying)    Its all my fault for being such a bad bandster.   ended up in the er had something seriously stuck threw up 4 times and had serious burning and presure up my chest even though i was unstuck couldnt even get water down. So off we went to se ethe surgeon in ther ER and out the fluid came. how tragic this is to me. WOW I guess i should have realized just how important this band is to me before treating it like a bad egg.   Its time to turn over  enew band leaf and  treat it like gold. No more pop EVER!! No mroe drinking while i eat and lastly no more junk food PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN.  I need to get out there and exercise as well but cant find that super doper motivation i need so badly.  I still have serious heartburn and it was monday i had my fluid out.. could that mean i have a slip? who knows guess i will find out when i go in Dec 11.... Think long.... live fully... love often.....

First Fill

Nov 30, 2006

well i had my first fill yesterday they put in 4ccs and i had one in there from surgery so i have a total of 5ccs in my band. Today it feel tight a little pain in my chest but no eating issues.  I was a little dissapointed in only loosing 22 pounds thus far but i know its not a miracle cure an di havent been wlaking nearly enough if at all sometimes.


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What a night at the ER and an unfilled band ugh
First Fill