Well Ive been over weight for most my life.  Im 25 years old now and have 3 beautiful children but I just cant keep up with them,  Im always so tires and dont feel Im the mom that I want to be.  I have always kept weight loss surgery in the back of my mind but was always scared that I wouldent be aproved because Im a pretty healthy person.  I have went through a lot of depression and belive that most of it is from my weight.  My all time low was I found myself eating out daily and taking naps when the kids were running around.  I went in for a regular OBYGN check and was talking to her and she brought it up.  I really thought about it for the next couple days and talkked to my family about it and they were very supportive.  I work at a great hospital and they hadve a Baratric Center in it. I called up there and wen to a info seminar and I was in.............

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