HMM where do I start. We'll I'm 37 yrs old I have an 12 year old son and about a year and a half ago I married my soul mate sounds good doesnt it. We'll my hubby is a big guy and I wasnt very far behind him. I used to be so into going to the gym 2-3 days a week and then suddenley my weight started creeping on slowly until finally about a year ago my husband and I decided we'd try to expand our family to a family of four after trying for eight months I decided that weight was definatley an issue in why we were having so much trouble concieving so I talked to a few people mentioned how unhappy I was with my weight decided to join weight watchers for the hundredth time and lost only one pound in 2 months. Enough was enough I went to have an upper gi done the end of Oct and mentioned to the dr that I was thinking of the lap band surgery and he told me he thought it was a great idea. About a week later I made an appointment with my primary care dr because I didnt want him to get mad that I was looking into the lap band surgery and didnt speak to him first. When I went in and explained to him that I wanted to have the surgery he was so supportive and happy that I was going to be having the surgery I told him the surgeon that I wanted to perform the surgery and he said he has some patients whom have had the surgery and that they were extremley happy . So that was the beginning of my journey with Dr Ahmad. When I called to make an appointment they told me that I had to attend one of his seminars and after the seminar was over I could schedule an appointment right there. I was so impressed with Dr Ahmad that I made an appointment right then. I saw Dr Ahmad and he indeed said I would be a canidate for either surgery it was up to me to pick I chose the lap band because I feel the lap band is more of a tool for me. I know what I need to do I just need some help doing it. I asked if I could have the surgery the beginning of Feb and Dr Ahmad said it shouldnt be a problem. He also gave me a list of Dr appointments to go get clearances. I went to a cardiologist, pulmonory dr, dietition who gave me my diet and an exaple of some of the meals I would be able to eat before the surgery, Ultra sound,blood work and a psycologist. I passed all with flying colors. So now I wait and wait and wait.

When I went to Dr Ahmad's on January 11th he told me that I needed to lose 10 lbs before surgery. I have cut out sugar almost entirely I have been eatting my protein and limiting my carbs and drinking 3 liters a day of water I have spent more time in the potty then I have actually working. Im glad my boss is very understanding. So now I wait again I have my pre surgical testing on Feb 6 and then my pcp on the 8th to get clearance from him then I see dr Ahmad later that day for the last time before surgery. Surgery is either at 6:30 am or 11:30 am on the 12th Im having my surgery at JT Mather Memorial Hosp in Port Jeff NY.


My son has jumped on my bandwagon and is helping me make good choices and even when I make good choices on my own he questions me to make sure Im eatting the right thing.

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