I have always been overweight. Ive been wanting WLS for the last 4 yrs. The insurance that my husbands job offers covers WLS . But only if medically needed. I also found out that i may have to be on a supervised diet for 6 months. Ive tried diets on my own but never with a Dr's help.Ive did  slim fast,green tea and even stacker 3s. Like everyone else they have worked for awhile but when they stop working you put it all back on and then some. The last couple yrs my knees have went and now my back bothers me. This is the first time ive really had insurance, Since I was on my parents. I want this surgery so I can do things ive always wanted to do. Like ride a roller coaster,go hunting with my husband,walk down the street, or go out to eat without someone staring at me. To be able to sit in a chair without thinking is it going to hold me, will it break if I move.Oh and dont forget to wear a seat belt in whatever im driving, some just dont fit. Most of all I want to live. My mom died at 49 yrs of age from diabetes. She wasnt to overweight, she weighed  165 at her heaviest. Im just scared of dying knowing how she suffered towards the end.

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