Peter Huang

"I thought Peter Huang was great! Although (other than surgery) I have spent a grand total of about 15 minutes with him - 10 minutes when we first met and 5 minutes post-op the day after my surgery. So if you want someone touchy-feely who will listen to all your concerns, he might not be it, then again he might. Truth be told, I really haven't needed to spend more than 15 minutes with him so far! But he has an excellent surgical reputation, and I decided that was most important. No regrets. I trust that if I have an issue, he will respond appropriately."

Unflavored Protein Powder

"Ok, so I am pre-op right now, not post op, but I must say when I add a scoop of this to Crystal Light it does not stay with me like Slim Fast Low carb shake does at all. Maybe that won't matter when it takes so little to fill me up and my concern is just getting the protein in, but right now it is kind of a waste. I will post again on this product after I have surgery. What is great about it is the lack of taste in the crystal light and the nutritional value. I just think it might be of more help post-surgery."
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