I have a surgery date..... sort of....

Jun 09, 2017

This pre-op stuff is no joke!  UW without question has one of the most extensive and in-depth pre-op bariatric programs in the country..... my medical bills can prove it!  As of last week, i've completed all the necessary steps: initial consults, follow ups, step A,B,C classes, secondary follow ups... and i'm so pumped to say that the team has given me the green light to submit to surgery!  I will have my 6th and final visit with my nutritionist next week and then we'll have all we need to submit.  Insurance needs a proposed date of surgery, and mine will be August 21st.  seems so far away, could have gone with an earlier date, but would have complicated work.  on the plus side, my mom is off the whole week after my surgery, so will be much easier to have her to send the kiddos off to while i recover.  This JOURNEY has been incredible, and while i was skeptical and thought of myself as a reasonably healthy eater, i have learned so much about myself and what i can do to eat healthier and have a better relationship with food.  The mental transformation already has been jaw dropping.  I guess when it's something you do 4-5x/ every day of your life, it doesn't take long to build up a habit.. this time for good.  I'm 100% caffiene, carbonation, & alcohol free.  i'm drinking a gallon of water a day, and getting 80-100g of protein/day in.  Separating liquids from meals is hard to manage on busy days, but it's become second nature to me by now, as-is chewing my food entirely and eating slowly.

Not to say there haven't been challenges.  Trying to play insurance's game and not drop below 40 bmi has held me back from being totally full speed ahead with eating healthier.  despite all of that, i'm still steadily losing weight and not really feeling like my life and habits are totally restricted.

99% of the boxes are checked!  Right now and moving forward is 100% about FOCUS!  keep your cool, remember what you learned, trust the process.  Next post will come IF?WHEN? i get insurance approval.  peace out loves!


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