inspector-girl 18 years, 2 months ago

Good MORNING - and a Happy ONE YEAR Re-birthday to you!!! I know I'm a little early, but better early than never! I found this quote and just love it! When running up a hill, it’s alright to give up as many times as you wish – as long as your feet keep moving. By - Shoma Morita M.D. I can only imagine that your experience has been wonderful. Full of changes and new experiences. Congratulations to YOU!!! If you have an opportunity and/or haven’t already, please stop by and update your profile! We’d all love to know how well you’ve progressed!!! If you have a few moments, please take the time to send well wishes to your fellow “re-birthday” buddies!!! It’s a great boost to them as well as yourself. Have a FANTASTIC DAY! RNY 10/31/03 257/133 at GOAL!!!

1800Bev 19 years, 1 month ago

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

renee* 19 years, 1 month ago

Hi Debbie, Congrats on your surgery!! Your new life is just beginning!! It's soo exciting!! You will be in my prayers for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery! Take care and good luck Renee*

KajunBlueRose 19 years, 1 month ago

HI "Debbie"!!! I hear you'll soon be having surgery and I wanted to send you lots of angels and prayers your way. May you have a safe and speedy recovery and we'll see you on the losers side of it all. Best Wishes, Dee ~In Loving Memory and Thoughts of Paula~ "Our Momma Angel" June 10, 2003

Dee H. 19 years, 1 month ago

Hi Debbie, I'm glad they were able to move up your date. I'm praying for a smooth surgery and quick recovery for you.

PattySoCa 19 years, 1 month ago

Debbie, Wishing you a safe/uneventful surgery and recovery. You're in my prayers.

ButterFLyDreaMz 19 years, 1 month ago

Debbie my toughts and prayers r with u for a postive surgery experience and speedy recovery ;) lotsa hugs to u sweety (((Debbie)))

vnoyes 19 years, 1 month ago

Dear Debbie, My thoughts are with you late tonight as you prepare for surgery. I know the excitement you must be feeling. Please let your mom know that I am thinking of her as well, as I spoke with my own mom tonight she told me of how worried she was for me as well, but tried not to show it. I guess we will always be their babies no matter how much time passes huh? As moms ourselves we know exactly what they feel right? May God bless you and your family and keep you safe through this journey. I will check with your sis later Monday and give the board a full report! Love ya wls sister!

cosette 19 years, 1 month ago

GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's almost here. Congratulations!!! You big loser :)

Lisa C. 19 years, 1 month ago

Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! See you on the "losing" side. Hope you have a very safe surgery and a speedy recovery. Best wishes, Lisa
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