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Nov 08, 2009


Well I went to my plastic surgery consult on Wed and got my estimate for extended abdominoplasty and breast augmentation mastopexy. I can WOW $17,412.00 for everything. Its seemed like a big number to me but in reality its about 1/2 of what it would normally cost. I was feeling very indulgent and guilty about wanting the surgery (I guess its the mom in me). Hubby wants me to use my money my mom left me to do something for myself. After thinking about it for several days and talking to a lot of people I'm going to do it. I will either call the Dr office on Monday afternoon or Tuesday depending upon how busy it is at work. Scary the surgery is a big on but the cost scares me more.


Sorry major rant 
I'm kind of down and really emotional right now. I'm really missing hubby and feeling sorry for myself. I hate that he is gone so much right now. I shouldn't complain as he at least has a job but this 5 weeks gone and 1 week home thing is really getting old.

Boy I was having such an upbeat day yesterday, lots of info/pm and responses to my plastic questions. Well my day ended on a down note. I walk in the door and she decided to pick a fight. I told her I bought a family gift for Christmas and elliptical she got all pissed about that because she doesn't like them and likes treadmill, which I really can't use as much as they are hard on my knees. Which is what I told her. Then she throw at me that I must have consulted with Ryan, like it would really matter. I'm trying to get something that everyone can use not just one things that she likes, those items are too much money for that crap. If she wants a treadmill then she can buy her own (like that's  gonna happen).

Apparently I am a horrible mother and treat the boys better then her. So I guess the extra privileges that come with age don't matter, nor do all the things we do for her. Kids can be such selfish B's. She needs a major reality check. Like the cost of keeping her butt. We have just spent a chunck of change on her mouth and are going to get her braces.  

 I don't think asking her to save some of her money to pay for school is asking a lot and nor is applying for scholarships for school either. I asked her earlier in a tex yesterday when she had to sign up and pay for school and books. No response its amazing that when she gets a tex she doesn't like she ignores it like she never got it. We pay her cell phone bill, her car insurance, household goods and gas to school. She has know for quite a long time that her car needs fixed and knows what she needs to do with it (Have Gary look at it), do you think she has done this know, apparently thats my fault too that the car has issues. I told her to be grateful for having a car and she needs to take care of it. She went on to rant that she pays for the things she wants and has a job and the boys don't. Well James can't get a job because the only one with walking distance is Walmart and you have to be 18 to work there. I haven't put him in driving school because I have no way to get him there right now and his car insurance would be a lot. He doesn't mind that when he can drive he will probably drive the white van, which Autumn never would.  

Things are going to be chaining in our house hold, if she doesn't like it then she can be the adult she claims to be and take care of all her living expenses. She needs to get off her butt and help around the house, been giving her a break as she has lots of homework, a job and has been sick. I sent her a tex message to clean her room (so she can put her new dresser in there) and were she has been sleeping. Of course she ignores it, I called her and woke her up at 11 am, said she was tired and hasn't got to sleep in, well welcome to the real world. Apparently she saved all her homework up to do on Sunday (she had a paper due). Her dads side of the bed looks like a war zone (she has been sleeping there), her bedroom is a bio hazard I'm sure and lets not go into her dads car she has been driving while he has been gone. I'm going to start either throw her things away she leaves lying around or throwing them in her doorway. She will have to clean her dad's car out and have it detailed before he gets home.  

I'm pretty upset and pissed at her right now. Sorry with so much ranting, but it makes me feel better just getting it written down.


Boy I never thought it would be possible for me to have plastics. My hubby wants me to use some of the money my mom left for me to have it done. WOW. He things I need to do something for myself. So I had that thought rapped around my head all week. I have started the research into DR in my area. I'm so excited, hope I can at least have the tummy tucks and the girls would be a bonus. 


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