My story is not unlike every other story on this site, but with different characters and scene locations. I'm just like everyone else here, over weight and not gonna take it anymore. I'm 29yrs old, 5'6 and have let myself reach an unbelievable 300lbs. If I hear someone tell me how pretty my face is one more time I may need to be institutionalized (hence my screen name). Don't get me wrong, everyone likes complements. But is that a really compliment? It may have been at one time or another, but now it's like a lingering thorn in my side. A constant reminder of how unpretty my body is. I've been offered plus size modeling jobs but I couldn't get over beening the plus (plus) size model in a field where a 10 is the starting point. Alright lets talk about surgery. So I've decided on the lap band procedure. I'm paying cash so the insurance has not been a factor (I KNOW IT'S A PAIN). My procedure is scheduled for Dec. 21 and I can't wait. I am so tired of the fat girl sitting on the skinny girl inside me. GET OFF SO SHE CAN BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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