I have three grown sons--29,27,23.  I too have been fighting this battle--my therapist calls it a disease for thirty years.  I've tried everything and have even been thrown off Dr. Bernstein's diet.  I just want to feel normal--live normal--have this over with.  hearing about it the other day gave me hope that I haven't had in years.  I know that it's not a quick fix, but I believe that it will help me achieve my goal and keep it. 

Weight was always an issue with everyone in my life--my parents were always on to me about it and it was a big issue with my husband.  During the eleven--yes I stayed with him for eleven years, he was abusive with me about it.

I've yo-yo'd for so long--I'm so depressed about the way that I look.  I'd Like this to be over once and for all.  I know that I need to make lifestyle changes and I'm prepared to, but I also need help.  I'm just praying that OHIP approves me.

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