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"I met Dr. Suh in November of 2006 once I got a referral from my PCP. When I first walked in and sat down I remember that thier was so much going on. His office was full, which to me is a good sign. There was a pretty good mix of pre/post op patients. Everyone post op seemed to be in good spirits. I remember that I had to watch a video in the waiting room, which went over the procedure itself. Informative information, wasn't boring. I finally got called in to meet Dr. Suh. Very kind and patient man. Soft spoken and calm. Felt as though he was willing to spend as much time with me as needed to answer all of my questions. He felt that I was a good candidate for the surgery. Asked me to stop smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery. Cut out all starch and maintain a low carb diet to shrink the size of my liver so that's easier to access the stomach during surgery. Start to reduce the intake of carbonated beverages. Also prescribed me Prilosec. Ordered Ultrasound of abdomen, EKG, Chest X-ray, blood work and a Pshyc evaluation. Handed me his Protocol, which list his requirements for the surgery which included attending a support group & his seminar. Once I started to complete the EKG, blood work etc... his office started to contact me to check to see what else needed to be done. I have to admit Mo & Michelle are two of the most informative and patient office staff employees that I have ever met. I am certain that Dr. Suhs' success relies on his staffs drive and care for Bariatric patients and thier needs. rnrnAfter I received the call from Mo, she scheduled everything for me that needed to be done. March 2007, I had my final meeting with Dr. Suh. It was mandatory for me to bring my wife, I guess in the event she had any questions. He was a little late getting in, once he did show up, he came in went over the weeks final prep. Again, answered about 20 questions to our satisfaction. rnrnI have nothing but praise for Dr. Suhs' staff and his mannerism. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering Gastric Bypass Surgery."
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