Feb 07, 2009

I had a major slime episode this week mainly because I was distracted because of computer problems (thank you Yahoo Customer Care and Vista) and let myself get too hungry!  By the time I stopped working and turned my attention to cooking I was ravenous.  My band eating habits fell by the wayside, despite the lovely sauce over the salmon patty and wheat spaghetti.  I shoveled salmon into my mouth like I hadn't eaten in a week!  I ignored all signs that things were not well and then I looked down at my plate and "realized" that three-quarters of the pattie was gone and I wasn't feeling well!

As luck would have it an older friend of mine called from her car and needed me to be her "legs" for an hour or so.  Her price for me to do the errands of putting gas in her car and picking up reserved books from the library, was to pull over to the curb every time I made noises like I was going to be sick, because I couldn't speak very well, nor figure out how to lower the window in her old car.  It was one of the longest hours I have ever spent!  

When it was over and we were back home, I discovered the salmon patty "had passed."  I could talk.  I was feeling a whole lot better.

Did  I learn a valuable lesson?  Oh, sure I did!  Don't put off eat meals at regular times.  It might get you in trouble.  I am a believer now.


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