Stanford University Medical Center

"The night nurse in the modified i.c.u. would not permit any liquids, so I had to create many diversions to get liquids from those who answered the call bell. I was treated as an "unbalanced person" because I have a scent allergy. Many people came in to see me and it took outright rudeness to get them away from me, just so my throat wouldn't "slam shut" . . . that shouldn't happen in a hospital . . . the last hour I was there I went and sat at the end of blind hallway to get away from my roommate's wife who was wearing perfume I was allergic to and the housekeeper who was washing the floor under my bed with "janitor in a drum"! I gave up. I belong at home, not in a public place."


"The staff was extremely concerned and caring about the fact that I am extremely sensitive to scents. I was very happy that my personal needs were attended to and that I didn't have to wait until I returned home to wash."
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