Here is some personal info on me: I work for a major health insurance company in Minnesota. I have been married since Oct 2003 but have lived with my husband since Sept 1996. He has watched me expand over the years. We had our first and only child, Dominic, on 12/21/04. He is the light of our lives. We have a 2.5 yr old pitbull named Taylor and 2 10 yr old cats, Missy and Mackenzie. We bought our home in Aug 2003. :)

I have always been overweight, to some degree. I have lost probably close to 300 pounds when I add up all the diets I have tried. I am successful when I am dieting but then as soon as it is "over" I gain everything back plus a little something extra just to remember the event. :( I have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Hydroxycut, Metabolite, Richard Simmons Deal a Meal, Xenical, dexatrim, and too many others to count. I have lots of problems with portion control. I do not seem to have an off button. I can outeat most grown men and do it in record time. I have lost my self respect and really do not like who I have become, at least physically. I go into a panic attack at the mere thought of going shopping for clothes. I feel I have made the best decision for getting control over my life and eating habits. I want to be here for my son and be able to play with him and watch him grow. I want to be a positive role model, someone he really can look up to, in all senses of the phrase :) So this is where my journey for the future....:)

On our wedding day:


Como Park Conservatory: the backdrop for our wedding:


Me at my highest weight; DS 6 months old and DH

84 pounds down 03/17/06

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10/14/06:  Well, it has been too long since I posted.  YIKES!!!  Time Flies!!!  I have been hanging around 174 for almost 2 months but I am still losing inches.  My 14's are getting pretty loose.  I dunno if I am ready to try the 12's yet.  It is such a bizarre concept that I may get into a 12.  I have purged out all my old clothes and now my closet is pretty bare.  Time to go shopping!!  My goal last winter was to buy a black leather jacket this year, really splurge.

I am so excited to actually contemplate trying on clothes.  I still have some of those evil body image issues.  I know I am much smaller but cannot fathom that I really am.  Every day when I gt dressed I have to hold my breath for just a second wondering if those ity bity clothes really fit me.  They do!!

I weigh myself everyday and do not get discouraged with the lack of pounds lost.  At this point I consider myself successful.  Like I said I am still losing inches and things are re-shifting again so I am not on a true plateau or anything.  I can eat pretty much anything, just a very minimal amount---1/2 to 3/4 cup at the most, 1/2 sandwich, etc.  I have not tried any alcohol, never that important to me before anyway.  I still get sick on sugar alcohols but not on regular sugar, as long as I stay under 15 grams at the most.  I still do protein first, am pretty good about my water, and good about my vitamins.  I do not drink while I eat and I get 5-6 smaller meals a day as opposed to 3.  I have noticed I get light headed if it has been a while since I ate and need to get my blood sugars checked.  I have done a fasting blood not too long ago and it was checked and fine but who knows, things can change. 

Otherwise, life is pretty good.  I have recently gotten a promotion at work and doing well there.  DS is growing faster than I can believe.  He will be 2 in 9 weeks!!  I am so glad I did this when I did.  DS and I have the best time together playing and rough housing on the floor, things I never could have done at 300 pounds.  When I began this, my overall goal was to be a healthy mommy and set a good example for my son.  So far, my goals have been exceeded.  Until next time...

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07/26/06: Well..I just got back from my trip home to Michigan. I haven't seen my family since last July and my folks and sister in October when I had the surgery. Needless to say everyone was amazed at how I have changed. And I have to admit I felt so much better at this visit!! I fit easily in the airplane seat and had room to spare on the seatbelt. I could even cross my legs in my seat!! Holy Hannah!! I am now officially Overweight!! WOW!!!! I am losing about 5 pounds a month which is fine with me. I have minimal sagginess going on...just the "girls" sagging a bit :P Gravity is playing a big part in that though as well. I am needless to say VERY happy I decided to do this when I did. I am having NO problems and feel healthier than I did even back in high school. Until next month...

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05/28/06: Happy Memorial Day!! I have Reached 2 major goals this month...I got under 200 pounds and also hit 100 pounds gone. I can't believe what a difference this year is compared to last year at this time. Last year I was buying a size 26/3X and crying in the dressing rooms anytime I had to get clothes. This year I am in a 16/1X....and the 16 is misses not womens. Crazy!! I am so proud of myself. I know I made the best decision to do this surgery. I have energy that I didn't know I had. I can keep up with my 17 month old, which in itself requires TONS of energy. I can get on the floor and up again in a second and not need anyones help. I know I carry myself differently too. I hold my head higher and make more eye contact than ever before. I have seen some of the few pictures I have taken in past years and I feel so sorry for the person in them. I want to cry for her. But I know she got better and healthy and stronger. Until next time....

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05/04/06: Well...I am very close to Onedeland!! I am at 200.5 this morning. Soooo close!! I can't believe I am actually going to be under 200 pounds soon. Unreal!! I got my first pair of misses 16's...not women's. I can't get over that they fit!! I am in a 1X/XL shirt. I just can't get over how much energy I have now. it gets better every day. Over the Easter weekend I worked 10 hours in my yard. I have never done any yardwork because I would get so tired and feel bad I would have to stop. I actually enjoyed working outside. i am so looking forward to getting outside this summer and really enjoying the days. Until next time.....

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04/02/06: OHMYGOSH! The scale moved. I knew it would I just have to be patient. I got on today and it was 207. Almost 90 pounds gone!!! What a boost!! I am so close to onderland I cannot believe it. I am by no means a poster child for the perfect WLS patient but I am doing the best for me. I can't believe how much energy I have and how I can play with my little man and not get tired or winded. What an amazing gift!! Till next time...

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03/17/06: 212 this morning!!! WOW!! I was kind of plateau the last couple weeks but I know that will happen and I have lost inches and my clothes fit way different than even just a week ago. I finally got enough courage to take some pictures and finally posted them. Otherwise, things are going well. I feel great and have gotten comfortable with what I should and shouldn't eat. Until next time...

Me and Dominic 03/17/06 212 pounds; down 84

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03/03/06: Well, I am 214 this morning...OHMYGOSH!! I can't get over how fast it is coming off. I have really made an effort in getting the protein in. Must be doing the right thing!! I am in an 18 still but the 16's are soooo close :) Next month maybe?? I gave myself my B12 shot the other day. Much cheaper than going to the doc. I have already noticed a boost in energy. I was getting a bit low at the end of the last couple months. Everything else is good. I need to get the courage to take a picture. I can't get past my own vision of myself and have deleted all the pic's I've taken. One of these days I'll get a current one on. Until next time...

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02/11/06: Today I am 4 months out and all I can say is wow, what a ride!! I weigh in today at 220. I am down 76 pounds!! OHMYGOSH. I have been having trouble getting in all my protein so I am trying some protein bars. The shakes make me gag. I have also noticed a big increase in the hair loss dept. It is very unnerving. I'm lucky that I started out with pretty thick hair. I have read on here that many get their hair cut pretty short. I have had long hair all my life and do not think I can give up my mane...even if it does become more like a few strands. I also turned 31 2 days ago. I have not celebrated a birthdy at this weight since 2000. Very sad. I did have a small piece of my Dairy Queen cake but just the ice cream....not the fudge middle. I didn't need or want a big hunking pice, like every year previous. Also, my little man is taking off!! He has become quite proficient with walking. I cannot get over how fast he is. Just over a week ago he wouldn't let go of the furniture and now he is walking across the room. Unreal. Time flies with the little ones!! Until next time!!


My adorable son after his 1st haircut 02/07/06. 14 months old.

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01/21/06: Well I had my 3 month check Tuesday. I started this journey at 296--290 day of surgery. I weighed in at 235 in the office. OHMYGOSH!! 61 pounds. WOW!! I weighed this AM and I am at 229 since Tuesday. I'm very happy with how I am progressing. Today my little man is 13 months old!! He sure is a little rascal but too cute for words!! Until next time...

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 01/15/06: Happy New Year!! Well, the weight loss has slowed...I am coming off of a 2 week plateau..but I know that it is OK. I am currently down 55 pounds!! WOW!! I started this year, 2006, in a 20 and am already almost into 18's. I have been in 20 since Christmas and now they are baggy!! These last 2 weeks I have lost a good amt of inches even though there was not any weight loss. No complaints here. I am doing so much better with getting in my water and am taking regular pill non-chewable vits. I am still working on the calcium. I keep forgetting about it. I need to keep some at my desk at work and take one in the morning as soon as I get to work and then the other right when I am leaving. There!!! I just put it in my bag to take tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow. i have my 3 month check this Tuesday so I will post my visit. Until next time....

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12/27/05: I cannot believe I am down 53 lbs since 10/11/05!! I am in a size 20 pants and 1x/XL shirts--I am a very busty gal! Christmas went very well. I had a few bites of our ham dinner and was satisfied, not stuffed like years past. Baby just celebrated his 1st birthday 12/21/05. This year has gone so fast. So many changes, both with baby and myself. I did try a small bite of his cake but didn't really like it. I am doing better with getting my water in and am now taking whole pills for my vitamins without any problems. I am able to handle most foods I have tried. I did try steak on Christmas Eve but it was kind of tough so I only had a bite or two and then had some cheese. Until next time...

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11/26/05: Well, I made it post turkey day...and very well I might add. I got the go ahead to move to full solids this past Monday and have been OK with the different things I have tried. Except hamburger patty---got pretty sick for a couple hours then pretty lethargic with a sore pouch well into the next day. I used 97/3 ground beef for the patty and used a slice of reg american cheese, not my fat free, which I normally use. I ate about a third of it and may have eaten it too fast and not chewed well enough, which I think contributed to getting so sick. on turkey day I had small amt of turkey, small scoop of stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravey. I made a fat free/sugar free jello chocolate pudding pie with the low fat graham cracker crust and fat free cool whip. I also brought a pumpkin and apple pie from Perkins Restaurant (kinda like a Baker's Square). I shared a sliver of the pumpkin and the chocolate pudding pies with my baby...he ate more than me. I just needed a taste. I weighed myself today and I am at 253. I am almost to my next goal of getting under 250. I am setting 25 pound increment goals for myself. Seems much more attainable for me than 100 pounds. I have been back at work almost 2 weeks and things are going well. It is really hard to get back in the swing of things though. Slow and sure though :) Until next time...

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11/12/05: Just a quick update: I am doing so much better from last week. I have been able to eat and keep down everything this week. I am still having some emotional moments but I know this is getting better too. I still miss my food. I'm not sure yet that I am happy that I did this but only time will tell. The good thing is I am down 32 pounds from the date of surgery. I go back to work on Monday and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I'm a little worried about being in a public place as I move to the next stage and try different foods. Oh well. Life is a journey. Until next time....


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 11/05/05: Well, today is the first day I have not thrown up. I was able to keep everything down and had a pretty good variety of stuff. I do feel much more optomistic right now. I hope this stricture is just a one shot deal. Each day does bring renewed hope. I did get into a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in over 2 years. I started this journey in a size 26. Now a 22 fits. All this in less than 4 weeks. How crazy!! I know in the long run this is the best decision I made but it doesn't make it any easier some days!!

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11/04/05: Well, it has been confirmed that I have a stricture. I began mushy food last saturday and have been bringing everything up. I could eat 1 oz at each meal and then by the next meal it would come back to haunt me. The Gastro doc said that the stoma was so tight he could barely get the scope through. He used the balloon to dilate the stoma. I have also been on IV therapy for 2 days and getting B1 shots. I am so weak and tired. It is really hard to be going through this and try and take care of our baby. DH helps a bit but not as much as I would like. In this past week it has been very hard to keep a positive outlook and not regret this surgery. I know that I need to get through this stage in order to get to the good side, this is my hurdle to jump. I am down already 28 pounds but I know it is due to a lack of any food and very little water. Hopefully the next update will be better. 

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10/26/05: I had my 2 week check today and I am already down 20 pounds!!! I have been hardly eating the allowed liquids because the sight and smell of them make me really want to gag. I get to move to pureed foods on Saturday of this week and I am so looking forward to tuna and mashed potatoes. And CHEESE!!! I am getting a Magic Bullet and am already writing out my grocery list. I am on this stage for 3 weeks and then I have our nutrition class on 11/14. Then regular food here I come!!! I do see somewhat of a light at the end of this tunnel!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Now it is all trial and error and hope my new pouch handles everything well. Best wishes!!

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#1 - Do this for 10 days to break a plateau

#2 - Drink 2 quarts of water a day

#3 - You must have 45 grams of protein supplement and all your vitamins/minerals supplements each day

#4 - You may consume up to 3 oz of the following high protein foods, 5x a day

low fat cheese
cottage cheese
plain yogurt or artificially sweetened (?)
peanut butter

You may also have:

sugar free popsicles
tea or coffee
sugar free soda
sugar free jello
broths/bullion (sp?)
crystal light drinks

#5 - If it's not on the list, you can't have it for 10 days!!!!

#6 - Keep a food diary and try to get up to 30 mins of exercise

Drugs that can damage the pouch:
Darvon compounds

Drugs that are considered Safe:
Fleet Enema
Glycerin Suppositories
Imodium AD
Milk of Magnesia
Triminics (all)
Tylenol cold products
Tyenol EX Strength

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