Post-VSG 2.1/2 weeks out

Feb 07, 2019

Has it only been 2 weeks? It feels much longer, maybe because I’m excited about the lbs lost. So far I’m 17 down and the hubs is about 25 down. I am shocked, excited, tired, motivated! So many emotions all at the same time. I have really seen a change in my face has really thinned out and I’m beginning to recognize myself again. My protruding stomach has taken quite a step back and i’m Already back in my old uniform pants which are about a 10/12 US size. Not just fitting....but comfortable. They are not cutting into my stomach causing digestion pains and needing to be unbuttoned after i eat. I can move, I can relax, I have no problems at all. 

My scars are healing nicely. Now that my steri-strips have fallen off, I’m using Mederma every day after my shower. 

Currently eating a pretty wide range of foods. Cottage Cheese (very small bites), hummus (even smaller bites), Oikos yogurt, apple sauce, jello, Premier Protien shakes (takes me about 1hr for 1 bottle), cream of wheat (about 1/4 of a serving), soups of all kinds, sips of milk here and there. I’m using MyFitnessPal for logs. 

I think the only thing I’m struggling with is energy. I know it will eventually return but good grief. I am tired all the time. I nap almost every break at work so I can make it through the night and yet I have trouble sleeping during the day. I never had problems sleeping before. I can just hope to get my normal patterns soon. 

*yaaawn* thats about all for now. Have a great day everyone!!! 


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