So as long as I can remeber I've been heavy. My Mom said when I was a child Oh your just big boned. Big boned is not what the other kids called me. The world is cruel to the overweight, even children can be cruel to their peers. Of couse my body matured beyond my birthyears and that brought unwelcome remarks from older guys and men. I guess bigger meant older to some. It was not flattering. I went all the way through school Too heavy i graduated at 155 lbs. God I wish I weighed that now. I married my high school sweetheart shortly after high school and soon-after we started our family. We were a navy family and my husband was stationed on the east coast. we had 4 children in all and me i just got bigger and bigger. I remember the first time I read Obese in my medical record, Wow did that make me sad.

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