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Nov 02, 2009

Hi, everybody!  I am new to this whole thing, so let me start from the beginning.

I have always been obese.  When I say "always" I mean ALWAYS.  I was born with a damaged pituitary gland which caused lots of problems, including Diabetes Insipidus.  I couldn't hardly walk before the age of 2 because I was so heavy.  The excessive thirst caused severe weight gain as a child.  Well, as a teenager I tried various diets and also as an adult.  You know the scoop:  lose 20 pounds, gain 30 pounds.  Lose 40 pounds, gain 45 pounds, etc.  
Now I am 41 years old and am having health crisis' one after the other and I need a tool to help me obtain lasting weight loss.  I have researched and studied and gastric bypass is the solution I have been looking for. 
So a new chapter begins.  God is with me and will help me through this.  I also know He uses people.  So if anyone has any input to give as a help, please feel free to do so. 

Thanks and God's blessings and favor be yours.


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Nov 01, 2009
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