H. Pylori

Nov 22, 2009

Hi, everybody!  My news is this:  I went to see Dr. Weinstein on November 17th to get a surgery date.  I took a test for bacteria in my stomach and tested positive for H. Pylori.  So I was sent home with no surgery date and tons of medication.  I have to take Prevacid and two different antibiotics for two weeks, wait a month and then go back on January 5th.  Needless to say, when I was told the news, I cried.  My husband was there to comfort me and so were the staff.  It was just such a big disappointment.  But one of the staff told me to go home, take the meds, enjoy my holidays and come back next year with hope for better results. 

So my disappointment has turned into jo
y.  I've been visiting old friends, making plans for family get-togethers and finding recipes that I can enjoy this season.   Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

On a high note about my visit to Dr. Weinstein, I did lose 2 pounds.  It's not much, but to me it was a happy.


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