5 weeks post op today!

Nov 24, 2009

As of today it has been 5 weeks since my RNY. I am down 38lbs and hope to be in wonderland by Thursday. I feel pretty good except for the fact that no matter what I eat, it still is uncomfortable. I get full in 2 bites and usually feel miserable after. I am trying to get as much protein in as possible. I started making the protein pb balls. They are pretty good but can only take a few bites. I am happy with my progress. I am down 2 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes. Shopping is fun but as soon as i buy something new it no longer fits. Can't wait for the final product. Thanks for all the friends and support i have. I hope Thanksgiving will go well.

18 days post op

Nov 07, 2009

18 days post op and I am feeling great...I had my post op dr. appt yesteray and am down 27lbs. I am able to eat most anything now and feel good about that...it was very difficult to do soups, cottage cheese, yogurt anymore.  I am eating a few bites of normal stuff and getting my water in. I try to sprinkle in my protein powder to anything i eat so i can get the protein. I am happy that most of my clothes i had before surgery are now baggy and some are just to big...so I will just keep on moving...excited at every new day.
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4 days post op

Oct 24, 2009

Well, here it is 4 days post op from my RNY. I feel good, but during my surgery they found an umbellical hernia which they repaired and that recovery is giving me the worst pain. I am still only clear liquids, broth, water, decaff tea or coffee. I am not hungry but am very tired. Hoping that Tuesday will come and be a smooth transition to yougarts, pudding, protein shakes, etc. I am excited for my journey just wishing I felt a little better...i am walking as much as possible and most of the gas is easier now....thanks for all the support!
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2 Days until surgery

Oct 18, 2009

Well here it is Sunday night and there is less than 48 hours until my surgery. I am very excited and now starting to get nervous. Not about the choice I made but about the surgery itself. I just hope all goes smoothly and that I do not have any complications. I have been on my liquid diet for 8 days and have lost 10lbs. Tonight I am for some reason, very hungry, I do not think I have had enough water yet...so I am going to drink another 24 oz now. I have picked up all my post op medicines and have my bag packed. My preop testing showed I had low potassium so I have been on 40mg of Potassium so hopefully it will be fine when they draw my labs again before surgery. Well, I will let you know how it goes when I return home. Thanks for all the love and support!

Surgery in 8 days!!!!!

Oct 12, 2009

Well, my good friend Cindy told me about this great site so here I am. My surgery is in 8 days and am so excited. I am currently enjoying the pre-op liquid diet of 80 ounces of water and 3 carnation sugar free breakfast's a day....I hope that all goes well the rest of this week and then it will be time for my surgery. I am having the gastric bypass and am ready for the life change. I was never heavy until i had my 2nd child 8 years ago. Since then i cannot loose the weight. So i am ready to take control and have my life back. I have had great love and support from all my friends and family and am just so excited to get started.

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