I am a 29 year old mother of two babies. My son Tyler was born in Sept.2004 and my daughter Emily was born in February 2006. They are the love of my life, next to hubby of course ;) I have been overweight all of my life. My parents are both overweight and I obviously lucked out and got their genes.
I have tried every diet known to man...Weight Watchers, herbal supplements, low fat, low carb, seeing a dietitian, Curves, cutting down on portions but nothing has worked for me. I did once lose 87lbs right before my wedding in 2002 but I have since gained back like 70lbs of that. I am so sick of feeling like a failure. I have had enough.
My husband has been wonderful during my researching days. I have been thinking about surgery for about a year now but wanted to make sure I was done having children first. So now I can go ahead!!

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