Apr 12, 2010

Its really going to happen now! My surgeon's office submitted my info to the insurance company on Friday and this afternoon I got the call that I was approved! I am soooo grateful to my Surgeon's office...they are top-knotch ! : )
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I GOT a DATE!!!!

Apr 10, 2010

It felt like yesterday when I walked into Tristate Bariatrics for my orientation......

But I now have a surgery date !!!!! April 21st, 2010

I am very excited and very ready!!!!

Time is flying and I'm in trouble...HELP!!!!

Feb 12, 2010

I have 16 lbs to lose before my final nutritionist consult March 10th! I have all my final tests and evaluations scheduled and before you know it I will be eligible for a surgery date! The only problem is that things havent gone as I would have liked. I assumed that following my nutritionist guidelines (which isnt much) would have the weight melting off and it hasn't. I have been replacing my breakfast with the protein shakes (EAS carb control) eating from a toddler plate, almost completely not eating carbs and exercising daily. My weight fluctuates anywhere from 5lbs lost to regular weight again! It seems to me that the protein shakes aren't aiding with weight loss. Can anyone offer me any advice as to the types of foods, meals, etc that they have been following (or followed) pre-op in order to lose the weight. As March is quickly approaching, I would hate to have to postpone my surgery any longer because of my inability to lose the initial weight. Thanks in advance for any help you offer with this!
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So.....i have to wait 4mths =(

Dec 10, 2009

i cant really be too is a go as long as I lose 16 lbs in the next four months!!!! My insurance was switched so my new insurance requires 4months monitored dieting....I think its a ood thing because I will be prepared fully for my lifestyle change before the actual surgery. My only concern is that if I really apply myself I know I will lose weight and over fourmonths it will def be more than 16 lbs.....will this affect my insurance?

Any Suggestions????

Dec 05, 2009

I live in Rockland County and of course there are no participating providers here to see....I have GHI HMO and that coverage will be over in January....I have to choose from 3 to 4 other managed care providers by then.....Can anyone recommend a good bariatric surgeon in New York City? I am hoping to get LAP BAND in the coming new year!

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