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Mission Accomplished!!!

Jan 27, 2009

I made it!  I am on the loser's bench now.  I had my surgery on Inauguration Day! Me and Obama are making a change. The surgery was a success. No problems at all. I was weighed before surgery and I weighed 268 pounds. That means I lost a total of 23 pounds before surgery. I exceeded my goal of 12 - 15 pounds. I am so excited!But the day after surgery I had gained 7 pounds! I was in shock!  But I was told that it is from the IV and gas and it will drop off quickly. It did. Now I weigh 264 pounds.

My stay in hospital  was 2 days. I'm at home now recuperating. It has been a struggle to get the liquids in and I have problems sleeping at night. I just can't get comfortable. I have been sleeping on the bed and the couch and both have been uncomfortable. So I couldn't take it any more and went out and bought me a body pillow. It really worked. I was able to sleep the whole night and was not aching.

I also feel that I am mourning food. I can't eat it, not hungry at all; I just can't have it. My eyes are telling my brain that I should of ate this or tried that before surgery. So that is an adjustment.

So far this is only day 7, so I'm taking it one day at a time.

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