My Hard choice to live

Jan 25, 2012

For about 10 years I stuggled to lose weight and come out from obesity. I seeked surgeons,tried weight watchers many times and also tried to make peace with who I was. It was not until my brother had heart corrections at the age of 48 that I realized I had to do something.  For many times I heard people say if only you could get some Will power you will be fine.As I thought of this I say this is so unfair. So many people who have heart attacks or develop diabeites due to thier life style choices are not told "If only you could stop....

I understand so many may think this is easy I say no it is not I had my gastric bypass August 4th 2006 my husbands birthday and I am almost six years out.In this time I lost 140 lbs.I have learned to get up at 430am each moring and work out by running lifting weights and diet. I say I did not take the "easy way out" I choose the hard way to life. I choose to be accountable to myself and my family rather than a medical doctor take my choice away with a heart surgery or worse.Through this journey I raised two wonderful boys and achieved my college degree while working full time as a preshcool teachder. These are my terms and I believe we make our own happiness no one else can do that for you.

This Friday I had a Tummy Tuck and I was on the fence about it but I could not forward my self as a runner or athleate without removing this ball and chain from my belly. It may not be perfect but again it was my choice and I will ride the uphill way to make myself the best that I can be.

                                                               You deserve to be the best you can be.


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