Control..Who's got it?

Aug 26, 2012

Yes, I have allowed myself to lose control. No, it hasn't led to a big re-gain, BUT there's potential for just that to happen. This summer I've averaged around 152-153, as high as 157. Scary. I let my emotions and a new job get me back into some bad habits. My clothes still fit the same, my saving grace is that I still exercise or else who knows what I might've gained. I just don't feel as healthy if that makes sense. From the outside I look the same, but on the inside when I eat unhealthy food or eating when I'm not hungry, I feel like a slob. So, what am I doing? For one, the training for the new job is almost over, so I won't be sitting and eating for 8 hours a day, since I'll actually be doing something w/ my hands once it's over. The emotions, I'm working through, 3rd,  is to turn the t.v. off. I don't usually eat junk at home unless I'm planted in front of a tv. So, that's my goal for the rest of the year to get back under 150 where I like it and feel most comfortable, my sanity. 

Also, I'm gonna join a new gym. My old/current (Lifestyles to CalFit10) gym was bought out some months ago, but the quality of the gym and the classes available has went down. The new gym is a part of my old (Lifestyles) gym chain, just new ownership, but they kept the same classes and offer even more. It's a lil' extra drive time, but the better health benefits are priceless for real. That is the only thing you can't buy is good health. On a good note  I have been maintaining this wt. for over a yr. Not my ultimate goal wt. but my for-real, for-real wt. for life. Which is the low 150's. 150 was my original goal, it was revised to 143, which is where I'm trying to get back to.

In conclusion, lol...I'm getting back on track with the food I consume AND will continue to celebrate how far I've come. Still rockin size 4 and 6's, an occassional stretchy 2..This WLS journey is one helluva ride and the majority of your problems will still be there even after the excess wt. is gone. I'd heard this, but I thought I'd be the exception, NO I still have some shit to work through.  Until next time....


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