2 years post-op

Dec 19, 2012

WOW! Time has truly flown by whether you're ready or not. The end of 2012, all I can think is boring, which I'm gonna be grateful for that blessing. Because, 2012 was such an epic year in my life. It was for sure the worse and the last 3 quarters were great. It was full of LOW low and HIGH highs. Being close to death and sick was no fun. Losing one of my best friends/favorite cousin's was not joyful, an aunt less than a month later. Winter 2011 was horrible, but as soon as Spring came into play my life transformed yet again. I gained a new lease on life. That's when the fun started, joined a gym, started monitoring what I could eat, versus what would stay down. Blood clots were about gone. Got into a pair of size 10's pants, size 8 shorts, wore a tank top outside of the house for the 1st time in my adult life. kiss NSV after NSV. I was talking to someone new and he actually called me tiny, a lil' bitty thing. I about passed out. But, I played it cool, lol...enlightened

The summer was a continuation. Red, white, and boom (big here), wore size 8 shorts, tank top. Ran into some people who did not recognize me at all. I was picked up in the air by a guy I know. I bought a size small dress from H&M, just the yr. before I had a XXL dress for my bday. Fall and the beginning of winter 2011 were great.

2012 nothing big happened, Oh yeah, I made goal, lol...Trying to get back there, but 143 is very hard to maintain for me, while 147-150 is not as hard as long as I don't go crazy w/ the simple carbs. I still get compliments, which is nice. This year things have normalized and I'm back to dealing with the same ish I was dealing w/ pre-op. You mean to tell the weight is not a cure-all? Not by a long shot. Yes, certain aspects are better like my confidence, physical fitness, and I'm more outgoing. But, it can create a new problem. Not settling. Yes, before I would settle for certain things. I can no longer use my weight as an excuse for inaction as I have in the past. Long story, PEACE OUT!


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