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Jan 07, 2014

Moved to Houston for 3 months, now I've been back for 5.5 months. Loved Houston, just missed my family a whole LOT more. I'm back in school full-time, time to earn another degree. YAY! Finally. I'm working full-time as well. I'm staying above a 3.6 GPA, grateful for that. Lots and lots of studying.

Wt.? Gained 12 in Houston, packed on another 5 when I got home. Food in Houston was too good, lol...Papas, YUMMY!  Exercise? On a good week, I'm lucky if I can get 3 days in. When it was still warm, it was easier for me to go, but now that it's COLD as heck, the last thing I feel like doing is leaving my warm house to go back outside, clean off my car, let it warm up. 

Exercise is not my problem, b/c I love it when I can fit it in. The diet, WHEW! still my battle. I'm joining weight watchers in the next week. I'm going for 25, that will put me below my happy wt, but I'm leaving bounce back room. Happy to be going for 25 vs. over 100 like it was before. I'm excited about joining, life is coming full circle in that aspect, b/c in the past I would roll my eyes in my mind when I saw ppl. joining who I perceived as not needing to lose any wt. and know I'm becoming one of those ppl. who needs to lose less than 30 lbs. If they only knew, but I was the same way in the past, only judging what was presented before me. 

In other news, I'm about to be an aunt for the 1st time. My older brother and his wife are about to have a baby. So excited!  Also, I'm working for a great company I worked for in the past and it is a trip looking at my old ID and the current one. 23 then vs 34 now. My face is not as puffy. The old one is not a bad pic at all, it was just perspective when I was filling down about these extra 17 lbs. I found since the Spring. I'll keep you updated on the WW journey.


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