I'm on the other side !! wheww I can say that now...

Jul 13, 2011

Well Oh family surgery went well, I'm home trying to deal with this gas lol... I Thank everyone who prayed for me, God Bless you. I'm focusing on recovery and trying to get in my fluids, I went in OR seem's it was on 10 minutes before I knew i,t they were saying surgery was over. I am truly happy to start my new life. Look out for the pics when i begin to lose, i'm anxious to see myself.

I made It !!!!

Hello Oh Family ! Yes It's been a while since I've touched basis with Yal, I have great News !!! My date for surgery is finally scheduled for 7/11/11 Yeah I did it.... I am sooooo nervous, happy, scared, all in one, which is normal.
I am on the clear liquids for two day's It's horrible, but I am glad to be on it, cause that means surgery is here. Well Oh family here comes my new life, new look, the antcipation is crazy right now. I will let you know how my journey went, just say a prayer for your girl, but I know things will be fine, I'm a child of GOD, and he will never leave or forsake me AMEN.....

Almost There

May 08, 2011

It's been a while OH family, I am still planning to have my surgery. I recently went to the nutritionist 5/5/11 and I was told by the office management herself that if I lost 10 more lbs I would get a definite surgery date. I have been fighting to lose this weight in order to have my surgery and now the sweat and tears, up's and down's are going to pay off. I have already lost 6 of the 10, I'm on my way, when I Blog again I will have a date, smooches :0)

Back on the Liquid's

Dec 27, 2010

Well Oh Family I got through Christmas. I had to cook for my family they all came out to the house  we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. I been on a semi liquid diet for the past 7 day's  with a total lost of 10lbs. yaaaaaa... Go Sonya Go Sonya Go Sonya.. Buuttttt!!! I had to have my mama's Stuffing & my famous Gumbo O.M. G I ate too much. I got sick and threw up 3 times, I guess my body had gotten used to not having many carbs, so i did'nt tolerate it to well. by that sunday i got on the scale and i said i had gained 5 of those pounds back i like to had a Stroke. It does not pay to Cheat & I'm back to my usual rouotine 3 Protein shake a day, 1 meal lean meat & veggies, walking 1mile a day until i reach my Goal. Pray for me Oh Family, and I'll be praying for you..

Touching Basis

Dec 17, 2010

Hello Oh Family !!! It's been a while since I've posted  any news, but I'll catch you up on what's been going on. First I would like to say I'm Officially 3 months smoke Free as on the 20th of December,2010. I have been working on losing 20lbs before surgery per doctor's order, unfortunately i was having a hard time with that. I walked 30 minutes a day, I ate right maybe a little cheat now and thenbut for the most part I was pretty much trying to stay focused. I would lose 1lb. gain 1lb back and forth I drove myself  crazy and finally had to throw my scale out in the garage. I called the WL Clinic and spoke with the Nutritionist and explained what was happening to me and she put me on a semi-liquid diet, which consist of 3 protein shakes and 1 meal for dinner. So far I'm on day 2 and it's not so bad, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to have my surgery by the beginning of the year. Hopefully when i post again i will have a surgery date along with it, If God willing! Until then Oh family pray for me and I'll be praying for all of you..


Nov 26, 2010

Hello OH Family,
It has been a while since I've wrote on my page. There has been so much progress made on my end, that i can finally share great news with anyone willing to read. I have been smoke free since Sept. 20th 2010 My Insurance  approved my surgery, however i have to be 3 months smoke free in order to schedule my surgery date. I have been walking everyday to strengthen my heart, eating well, and taking my vitamins as told. I have finished my necessary classed Nutrition, Pshyc, weigh in etc..... I have so far lost 10-12 lbs, I haven't been this motivated in a while, that's because i want this so bad.. I see all  pages where  fellow members have lost so much and that motivates me even more. I will continue to do my best so i can get on the loser's bench too, soon as  get my date i will post more info. Msluvnlife

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